Moonpay and Looksrare partner to bring convenient NFT purchases to the masses

Moonpay, a fiat-to-crypto service founded in 2019, reveals it has entered into a partnership with NFT marketplace Looksrare. If we talk about the NFT marketplace Looksrare, it was launched in August 2022 and was one of the first NFT marketplaces to actively allow traders to present their own tokens. As of February 9, 2023, statistics from show that NFT marketplace Looksrare has recorded $1.7 billion in sales since its inception.
A report suggests that according to an announcement sent out, Moonpay is rolling out NFT Checkout integration with Looksrare which allows anyone to purchase NFTs with a credit card exclusively. According to Moonpay’s announcement, “Checkout will be made available for all primary and secondary sales on Looksrare and with the addition of NFT checkout integration, Looksrare users will definitely be able to use debit cards or credit cards easily and With its help, you will be able to buy NFTs, which will eliminate the need or need to get crypto currency first.
“We’re excited to be an exclusive partner to Looksrare and give our users more opportunities to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and from day one, we’ve been able to do that,” said Oliver Jeffcoat, Moonpay’s senior business development manager, in a Thursday statement. We wish Moonpay to be the go-to platform that greatly increases ease of access and utility for the web3 community and this partnership is definitely a good step forward. Certainly this partnership has proved to be important for us. NFTs have definitely experienced great growth in 2023 and it can be said that it has registered a huge growth of $1.067 billion among 342,452 NFT buyers in the last 30 days with one great achievement till date In case we can see that Open Sea is just below but on one hand the figure shows that it has faced increased competition since the launch of X2Y2 and Blur and till now if we talk about Blur has recorded $1.19 billion in all NFT sales, and X2Y2 has seen $1.11 billion in sales since its inception.


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