Munchables, a popular web3 game built on the Ethereum Layer-2 Blast blockchain, suffered a major security exploit on March 26th, 2024. This hack, which resulted in a loss of over $62 million in Ether (ETH), ranks among the biggest crypto exploits of the year so far.

Blast -

According to reports, the attacker manipulated an intelligent contract within the Munchables platform, allowing them to siphon off user funds. Smart contracts are self-executing agreements written in code that govern transactions on a blockchain. Experts believe the exploit may be linked to a North Korean hacking group, though this has not been officially confirmed.

Munchables acknowledged the attack on their social media platform and stated they were “tracking movements and attempting to stop the transactions.” Blockchain security firm PeckShield traced the stolen funds to a wallet containing nearly 17,400 ETH, solidifying the estimated loss.

This incident highlights the ongoing security vulnerabilities within the play-to-earn and NFT gaming space. Munchables, like many other blockchain-based games, relies on intelligent contracts. While these contracts offer advantages like transparency and immutability, they can also introduce security risks if not coded and audited rigorously.

The hack raises several vital questions:

  • Security Measures: Were adequate security measures in place on the Munchables platform?
  • Smart Contract Audits: Did the platform undergo proper smart contract audits to identify potential vulnerabilities?
  • User Compensation: Will Munchables attempt to compensate users for their stolen funds?

The Munchables hack is a cautionary tale for investors and users in the play-to-earn and NFT space. It emphasizes the importance of choosing platforms with robust security protocols and conducting thorough research before investing in any blockchain-based project.

Law enforcement and blockchain security firms are likely investigating the attack to trace the stolen funds and potentially apprehend the culprits. The crypto community will closely watch the outcome of this investigation and the response from Munchables.


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