Next Crypto Bull Run Will Start From the East, Says Gemini Co-Founder

The next crypto bull run will come from the east, according to Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of US-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini. According to his Sunday tweet, he said that his motivator at the moment is that the next bull run is about to happen and it will certainly be a gentle reminder that cryptocurrency is a global asset. Certainly he appreciated cryptocurrency and said that we have only two options that either we leave it or adopt it but it is not possible to stop crypto currency. He asserted that any government that does not introduce clear rules and guidance will surely be left behind and that means missing out on the greatest period of growth since the rise of the Internet through commercialization. And this means here that we will certainly not bet on technology in the world and in the future ahead and our opportunity to shape its infrastructure as well as our dream of making it a fundamental part of our Will get out of hand. Sure Ho has come under scrutiny from the US Securities and Regulation Commission following recent actions against the crypto firm, and the regulator banned crypto exchange Kraken for its staking program on February 9, and Paxos days later for its stablecoin Binance. USD (BUSD) and the Securities and Exchange Commission also proceeded against Gemini in January for selling and offering unregistered crypto assets to retail investors through the Crypto Assets Lending platform. It was Hester Pierce, the so-called Commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and other crypto supporters, including a number of lawmakers, have expressed their concerns and said that the Security and Exchange Commission is trying to bring crypto pharma into compliance with the regulations and Along with that is not providing clear rules but instead we can see that the commission is opting to adopt a significant roleplaying focused approach to regulate the crypto industry. Meanwhile we can see that many other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Singapore and South Korea’s second largest city Busan have also tried to become a global platform for more and more crypto assets. A recent study by the firm Recap ranked London as the “most crypto-ready city” among many in Europe in an effort to position itself as a global platform for crypto.
This was stated last week by Brian Armstrong, CEO of Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange Coinbase. It was said that if there is no regulation in clear terms then we can say that America may have to lose its position as a financial hub and also said that he and the CEO of Kraken have clearly discussed the laws of crypto currency. Congress is urged to act as soon as possible to pass the bill.


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