NFT market remains resilient with 1.23% growth in sales, Ethereum dominates with 81% of total NFT disposals

Speaking of which, NFT sales were pretty steady this week with $39.72 million being the largest ever recorded during February 2030. There was definitely a total of $232.49 million in this sale in the last 7 days, which shows us an increase of 1.23% when we look at the previous week, when 4819.17 buyers participated in this sale. Which is 19.30% more than the previous week. Additionally, 1,390,784 NFT transactions were done which is 3.21% higher than the previous week. The $232.49 million in sales Alien had the most out of the 20 blockchain networks listed on when we look at the figures. NFTs account for 81% of total Ethereum sales, or approximately accounted for $188.51 million. The second largest blockchain for NFT sales was Solana, which executed $27.40 million last week, down 2.65% from the previous week. Immutable X took the third place in NFT sales, with sales increasing by 37.85% to $4.5 million. In that order, the remaining top blockchains for NFT sales are Cardano, Polygon, Flow, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum. Phantom saw the biggest growth this week with a 73.81% increase in NFT sales while only $17,064 in NFT sales were settled in the last 7 days.
If we look at the figures for the last week, we come to know that other Deed, with sales rising 44.37% to $17.33 million. The doodle saw a growth of 58.49% reaching $13.88 million in total sales. A second act and doodle was followed by the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Chex VV editions. The highest NFT floor price on February 5, 2023, for Cryptopunks, was 63.99 Ether at 8:00 AM Eastern Time. The second highest value belonged to the BAYC collection, with a slightly lower age value of approximately 63.5 ether. The most expensive NFTs sold last week include: Bored Ape Yacht Club #8,483, which sold seven days ago for $581,000 but was sold again two days later for $490,000 and in addition; Cryptopunk #2,311, sold for $511,000 three days ago; cryptopunk #9092, sold four days ago for $496,000; BAYC #8,483, 4th highest selling after twice sold; and cryptopunk #9,611, sold four days ago for $482,000. Looking at the full figure, the fifth most expensive sale was Cryptopunk #9,611, followed by Hausfaze #379, which sold for $461,000 on Sunday, February 5, 2023.


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