OKEx Launches OKEx Collective, A Metaverse Experience Powered By Manchester City Soccer Players

Sports clubs and their players are more and more inclined to immersive experiences and metaverse platforms to provide fans with an innovative experience. Oxes, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, will launch an innovative experience specially designed for soccer fans. The company has introduced a partnership and partnership with the Premier League and the British First Division Football League with players from the current champion ships to provide a platform for fans to engage with their stars and get a glimpse of their activities on and off the field So to receive. In a press release, the exchange explains that the collective will provide a new insight into the lives of these stars by lending exclusive training music, content and NFT-based digital experiences to the platform. The football club has been particularly interested and proactive in talking to its fans about adding more experiences with the intention of enriching and strengthening its relationship. Between Football and Metaverse Technology Haider Rafiq, CMO at OXX, says that introducing elite footballers to our newly established Metaverse will certainly highlight the possibilities of web3 technology as well as invite fans to experience it firsthand. Of course we would like to have the ability to be bigger than everything that comes and the players and backgrounds that are displayed
Players in the Oxes Collective come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We will be providing our content on the four Manchester City stages featuring veterans Ilkay Gundogan, Jack Grealish, Ruben Santos and Alex Greenwood from the lines of the Women’s Manchester City team. Grealish believes that bringing football into the metaverse will give fans a whole new feel for the game and explains that the combination of football and the metaverse brings fans closer to the action in a significant way! It’s a pleasure to re-expose our digital profile in collaboration with Club and Okex. Greenwood goes on to comment on this correlation of the metaverse with the digital world and it can be really beneficial to the ecosystem and he adds that we talk a lot about the development of football and we feel like our next step is to explore this space. Other European football clubs like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, and even leagues like the Spanish LaLiga, have launched metaverse and NFT-based initiatives, with mixed results.



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