OneCoin Cryptocurrency Died in Greece in 2018, Report Claims

According to a Bulgarian website called Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data (, the woman who founded the infamous Ponzi scheme OneCoin has been dead since November 2018, concluding that she was killed last year in Sofia by a former top cop. The murder of the officer is subject to evidence obtained during the investigation.
Certainly the head of a criminal police department in the capital of Bulgaria was shot in March 2022. According to a report that was kept safely in a box in her house, Wah states that Ruja Ignatova was killed on a yacht in the Ionian Sea and that her body was mutilated and thrown into the water. was dumped and the publication alleges it was done on the orders of a drug lord.
However, in an email in response to Byrd’s question, the City Prosecutor’s Office states that the report does not constitute a document in terms of the Code of Criminal Procedure, that it is not signed by any particular person and that its author is not. No information about is also displayed. The journalist further states that the information lifted from the residence of the murdered person makes it impossible to verify the circumstances as stated after questioning a witness. Launched in 2014 as a multi-level marketing network based on fake cryptocurrency, believed to be
Onecoin defrauded more than 3 million investors globally of more than $4 billion and Ignatova, a German national of Bulgarian origin, was last seen at Athens airport on October 25, 2017, where she was about to leave for Sofia. She arrived on a flight from the UK and was reportedly alerted to the police investigation last October. All we can say with certainty is that the “missing cryptanalyst”, Ignatova, is wanted by Interpol, Europol and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and through previous reports it has been speculated that she is still alive and has undergone plastic surgery. Has been known to change its form through In July 2022, a Greek prostitute reveals that police tried to capture Ignatova after being tipped off that she was in the country. His brother and co-founder, Konstantin, was taken into custody in 2019 in Los Angeles and the United States. Carl Sebastian Greenwood, another co-founder who is a citizen of Sweden and the United Kingdom, is seeking witness protection related to Onecoin. He pleaded guilty to the charges and pleaded guilty in December 2022. Last week news emerged that Ruja’s ex-boyfriend, Gilbert Armenta had been sentenced to 5 years in prison for his leading role in money laundering.


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