Only 4% of companies in Spain have moved on to offer services in the Metaverse.

According to the report, only 4% of the companies in Spain are getting their hands on the services of the latest technology, while the banks and companies surveyed have predicted that in this decade the Metaverse will become a big market. Businesses will become like this and some companies are having trouble bringing their vision to the virtual world. If we talk about it, a report presented by ISDI, a business school based in Spain, has shown how it has proved difficult for national companies to grow an excellent business circle for the metaverse. The survey that focused its attention on business managers finds that less than 4 per cent of Spanish companies have jumped on the new technology spree, whereas last year it was present with the buzz that fell to this ecosystem. Additionally, 40 percent of the business managers surveyed did not know how to grow their business and how to take significant steps to attract new technologies. He had no idea about its use. Also, nearly one in four companies admit they are having trouble understanding the concept, while 14% directly say they do not understand this and have no idea how to apply it to their operations and despite all the problems it poses, nearly one in four companies confirm that they are considering it and looking forward to taking action, including a metaverse-based initiative. Is. 28% of the surveyed companies are giving importance to and working towards recruiting exceptional talent under this initiative. For Rodrigo Miranda, CEO of ISDI, it is part of a natural evolution that Spanish companies should experience in order to be able to present their products and services in the Metaverse. The success and penetration of Spain and its companies and professionals in this new universe will depend on the speed with which it can accept and adapt to the coming revolutionary change, as well as react to it. At least on a governmental level, Spain shares its commitment to the development of the region and has proven its involvement in significant ways to work for it and wants more and more Metaverse to participate. Progress should be made and it should be expanded. In December, Spain’s Ministry of Culture and Sports announced that it was looking forward to working with and for companies developing metaverse-based immersive experiences in the field of video games, and announced $8 million in funding for this possibility. Euro ($8.5 million) will be invested.


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