Opensea drops fees to zero and announces new creator income model in response to shifting NFT landscape

OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, announced on Friday that it is waiving fees in response to a major change due in October 2022 and that “today, despite its best efforts, this change has certainly accelerated dramatically.” has been seen”.
Opensea elaborates that the volume of this ecosystem is around 80% not paying full producer income and also most of the sales volume is established in the no fee environment. Speaking of which, the NFT market has recently been competing with the newest market, Blur, which has certainly captured $1.4 billion in sales so far in a short period of time, while Blur’s all-time sales if we talk about Open Sea. This pales in comparison to our $34.53 billion year-to-date sales. The NFT marketplace also faces competition from digital collectibles markets Luxrare and X2Y2, and Opensea hopes that this latest change will create incentives for all ecosystem participants, striking the right balance in which makers, Collectors and electricity buyers and sellers are all included and in addition the company also announces that it is updating its operator filters to allow sales using NFT marketplaces with commodity policies including blurring and ensuring “This is the start of a new era for Opensea and we are extremely excited to test this new model”.


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