Sony and Astar Networks Launch Web3 Incubation Program for NFT and DAO-Focused Projects

Sony Network Communications, a subsidiary of Japan’s technology giant Sony Group, announced on Friday that it will use its blockchain and express technology to definitely solve the issues and is going to work in that regard. and is looking for work opportunities in it. Astar Networks and Singapore-based Startley Labs to consolidate relevant web3 solutions and build a state-of-the-art luxury system A web3 event has been planned in the middle of March with a web3 event and certainly this event will be one of the most unique and most unique in its relation and aim to spread the web3 plans all over. Startle was founded by Sōta Watanabe, CEO of Astar Networks.
According to an announcement sent out, “10 to 15 cohorts” will be selected from Sony and Astar Foundation applications, and that the program is open to anyone from around the world and host of students through venture capital firms such as Alchemy. Ventures, Fenbushi Capital and Dragonfly. In mid-June, the Sony company announced that an offline demo would also be held at the Sony company’s headquarters in Tokyo during Japan Blockchain Week, which would be able to elaborate on such plans. Of course, Sota Watanabe, CEO of Startel Labs and ASTAR Networks, says that they are “extremely pleased to launch web3’s unique incubation program with Sony Network Communications, one of the Sony Group companies and involved in the NFT sector and other web3 service, which is definitely committed to carry forward any plans and undertake any work.” It is further stated that “We expect to incorporate the knowledge and resources of both the companies to provide value to the participants selected for the program as well as to utilize them in the latest case and build projects and Apart from this, we express and hope that there will be a lot of equality in this”. Sony has been exploring the metaverse, NFTs and crypto for some time and in May 2021 the company even unveiled a patent that it hopes will enable bitcoin-based betting in consumer electronics such as the PlayStation gaming system. In November 2022, a patent was filed by Sony to use NFC tokens for the assets of these games in which it acquired 3D animation company Beyond Sports.


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