Ordinal Inscription Collection Grows as Creators Monetize Art on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Speaking of which, there are a lot of simple ledgers on the bitcoin blockchain these days because the demand for the technology has grown exponentially. Over the years, blockchains such as Ethereum have established collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Cryptopunks, Azuki, Moon Birds, Doodles, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), and others. Some of these NFTs are also known as blue chip NFTs because they have established significant values and have been trading on the open market for many years. For example, BAYC and Cryptopunks currently holds the highest minimum origin of all collections and many of the newly created ordinal inscription collections are derived from popular Ethereum collections such as the Ordinal Punks collection. Where unlike the 10000 available cryptopunk, the collection consists of individual versions of pixelated punk characters with 100 available. For those interested in pixelated punk characters if we look there are other collections like Punks on Bitcoin, Satoshi Punks, DOS Punk 256 and Yeti Bit Club. Similar to the rare Pepe NFT collection created with Counterparty, there are several collections dedicated to Pepe the frog, including Inscribed Pepes and Immortal Pepes. Other well-known collections include Ordinal Rocks, Block Munchers, Ordinal Penguins, Bitcoin Toads, XC Pinata, Ordinal Eggs , Planetary Ordinals, Ordinal Smokes and Based Aps. Ordinal Punks are selling for quite a bit and just recently saw someone trade Cryptopunk #4155 for an Ordinal Punk 16. Most of Ordinal Punk is over the money for prices between 3.7 BTC and 5.4 BTC and 3 days ago Ordinal Eggs said it saw 4 BTC in over-the-counter (OTC) volume. Bitcoin Toadz recently sold #4913 for 2.5 Ether, and another for 2.8. The creator behind Ordinal Shards, a 100-year collection etched into the bitcoin blockchain that has been sold in both Ethereum and bitcoin, says there are a large number of serial inscriptions on the chain, in addition to the collection being discussed on social media, which could open the doors for future collections. or may have some unknown meaning.
Text, numbers, odd writing, 1kb gold bars, quotes, videos, animations and audio messages have also been received and the ordinals trend compared to assets issued by older generation counterparties, calling it “spam”. Some even question the veracity of OTC sales with simple inscriptions.


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