Privacy coin interest remains steady as major coins report modest gains in 2023

The data shows that compared to the top two crypto assets, bitcoin and Ethereum, the top privacy crypto asset has seen less growth in the past month, while a privacy coin, Dash (DASH), is the second largest by market capitalization. The privacy coin has definitely made a significant gain of 38.7% against the greenback in the last month and meanwhile we can see that monero (XMR) saw an 8.7% increase in value, and zcash (ZEC) in 30 days. ) recorded a growth of 10.6% and currently the top three privacy coins we see by market valuation are XMR , DASH and ZEC. If we go back to the 90-day data, we see that Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC) have seen modest gains and the same has been seen with the $2 billion growth in the privacy coin economy. Certainly XMR was trading at $129 per coin 3 months ago and as of Wednesday this coin appears to be trading at $168 per unit. Also we can see that DASH, which was trending at $36.60 per coin, is now changing hands for $65.83 in this situation. Zcash was trading at $38.37 Rati Coin on November 9, 2022 and as of February 8, 2022, ZEC was trading at $46.90. While these three privacy coins collectively make up the majority of the $6.69 billion worth of coins, we can see that some of the lesser known coins have made a big profit. Privacy coin Dapps Coin (DAPS) registered a 884.5% gain in 1-week certainty while 110.3% gain in 7 days in Surefire (PHR) against the US Dollar. Also a number of other privacy coins have seen gains which we can say include Raze Network (RAZE), up 74.3%, ax (AXE), up 32.9%, and cloudcoin (CLOAK), up 31.8% over the past week. Of course, privacy coin (PRCY) has shown a significant 32.3% decline this week, with iridium (IRD) down 17.3% and dponion (onion) down 16.7% against the greenback. While notable 24-hour gainers we see now include Horizon (ZEN), up 16%, Dusk Network (DUSK), up 11%, and DigiByte (DGB), up 10.6% in fiat value.


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