Recently Signed 2009 Bitcoin Block Reward Linked to Hal Finney’s Set of BTC Transactions Where certainly all these accounts and all these transactions state that all bitcoin signatures were linked to Finney’s account and were transmitted by him and we see complete proof that all these accounts are his. Let’s match the details of.

On November 26, 2022, a firm account created by the name of “OneSignature” shocked the crypto community when it signed a key piece of information related to block 1,018 and a new one created from 2022 in relation to the signature. The bitcoin address was included and the new address of this unknown person was also signed and authenticated by proving the users to be real and in existence.

According to Electrum Wallet, this signature message is a signature associated with address 2009 “1NChf” or block 1,018 and is validated by the same and it proves authenticity and is associated with the first bitcoin transaction in both block 1018 and block address 1NChf. There have been cases in which Hal Finney was offered 10 bitcoins from Satoshi Nakamoto and a great deal of bitcoin blocks associated with the same.
For example, on March 25, 2014, a journalist, Andy Greenberg, published a story about Hal Finney’s life and his relation to bitcoin, in which he said that Satoshi definitely had permission to see the email accounts sent by him. And of course Hal’s son, Jason Finney, showed Greenberg his bitcoin wallet address which showed a very early transaction and the first transaction was on January 12th in 2009 sending 10 BTC and moreover its The confirmation was made at block height 170 and according to this, in addition to the 10 bitcoins sent to Finney on the same day, Satoshi sent four more transactions from block 9. where two transfers for 10 bitcoins and two transactions representing sending one bitcoin each and according to a recent article presenting a purported screenshot of his wallet, the 10 bitcoin transaction changes the account and 12 block subsidy beach displays and in addition the screenshot says that Finney mined a fixed reward on Jan 10, 2009 and told the world he was running bitcoin on social media platforms and in addition 78 blocks were mined Bitcoin is linked to rewards and its transactions and we see that the block rewards shown here are linked to 1NCHF, an address in 2009 that was definitely signed by OneSignature on Nov 26. The addresses shown in the first 1,025 mined bitcoin blocks seem to indicate that Finney mined significantly more and won significantly more rewards.

We actually find that 1NChf is linked to roughly 36 block rewards and our tool can search and every single reward found is related to its mining period and there are also a large number of Coinbase rewards linked that are yet to be found. The team has not yet discovered and further investigation reveals that 1NChf is associated with a large amount of block rewards that were sent by the Five on June 14, 2011 at approximately 5 PM (ET) in the thousands of bitcoins and according to the research Some were reportedly transferred in April 2013. Many of the consolidated transactions are tied to Bitstamp addresses and some are still being sent to Mt Gox addresses. Blocks associated with Onesignature’s 1NChf include blocks 78, 320, 329, 357, 361, 372, 407, 413, 419, 490, 528, 567, 596 and 651. Blocks tied to 1NChf go up to 7,569 , 7,828 , and more than likely it seems to us and we see that clearly in all blocks tied to 1NChf of One Signature we see that Hal Finney is tied and None of the connected accounts definitely match the Patoshi block pattern which means that 1NChf and block 1,018 Satoshi is not a block. And we can well understand that among the more than 700,000 bitcoins mined, it is often misunderstood that they are not consolidated into stash. When parsing the first 1,025 mined BTC blocks, the data shows that almost every block is unspent, except for the transaction in block Unnao, and we definitely get 18.43 BTC in the wallet. Some originate from money transactions and it is not entirely clear as to why it was signed by OneSignature as the message on Nov 26 was a “flex” with some saying it was a “flex” and the rest claiming it was a signature thread. could have been spoofed and a user named “franky1” had the possibility that the signature may even be called a fool, where there is speculation that the 1NChf and block 1,018 addresses may have been purchased after the date of either one and It is known that people are searching for their old positions to transact and buy and these requests have been traced to Reddit and bitcointalk where in the case, the address 1NChf and block 1,018 are linked to a very specific transaction. and the number of blocks mined are probably linked to Fini.

Hal Finney, a computer scientist who is respected by many in the bitcoin community and its world, died in August 2014 from complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and the news that the community’s total Owner Elon Musk’s Twitter account begs Twitter to preserve where it plans to permanently shut down 1.5 billion accounts while Finney flatly denies that he was the creator of bitcoin before he died and The onchain analysis doesn’t say anything but the onchain link and heuristics connect to 1NChf and block 1,018 addresses, and show and express Finney’s mined bitcoins and related transactions where it can be seen that Bitcoins are very similar to that and we can tell by looking at all this data and signature that exactly how it is transmitted from transaction and how its main role is linked to a successful transaction of bitcoin and to whom this account and all this data. Types hold an important place for all types of bitcoin transactions.


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