Blockchain analytics firm Nansen reveals that Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by trading volume, hit $3 billion in net withdrawals on Tuesday, Nov. 13, and that the founder and chief executive have reportedly given their team a good sabbatical. Demanded to give security and credibility, according to which assured to provide financial strength to the company to avoid the winter of crypto. While there are a lot of negative and good things going on in this trading platform, there are a lot of bad things going on and it is dealing with a lot of side effects including a lot of problems, we also know that the CEO of FTX who was previously They were arrested and put in jail.

According to Andrew Thurman, content lead at Nansen, commenting on the outside transaction to CNN here, Binance was certainly involved in the investigation process by the US Department of Justice and a flurry of investors following the Reuters report and speculation about its reserves. In a post on Tuesday, Changpeng Zhao insists that his company has handled similar situations in the past, noting the outflow of funds. and some days they have net withdrawal and they have net counter ie all the services they have are net and also not scamming any user in any way and always in a good Stay motivated to do business. Where he says that it is a good idea to come back with good hope on the return of each tension and meanwhile the crypto executive made a statement in the address to his employees and sought to ease the concerns about the crypto exchange and reports the document. According to he emphasized that now the industry is going through a historic moment in which our company i.e. Binance is in a strong position and will surely survive all the coming features including the crypto recession. And he told his team that we will continue to hope that whatever volatility remains in the next month we will pass that challenging period and of course all our data will be clean and our service will take us forward and Referring to the latest development, he says that the recent incident with FTX has raised difficult questions of exchange and high volume of transactions and investigation and of course the arrest of SBF, former CEO of FTX. There is strong evidence of and we agree that and claims to have learned from it, as well as a successful strategy that promises to serve the public and take crypto forward. Where he clearly says for his company that our employees have to be prepared for every single situation which claims to be a great performance in the crypto industry and we claim that we are creating a best performance by creating various standards. We are proud to expect and promise ourselves that this performance of ours will prove to be great enough to set a successful benchmark and guide for the crypto industry which is so necessary for us.


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