Binance CEO warns of volatility in coming months amid exits

Binance founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) advises all its employees to be prepared for the coming situation and appeals to do the best where he says that we have been able to attract users through better services And we will definitely try to get over these difficult few months that we’ve had and take the lessons from what happened with FTX and do our best to take women and our company to new heights where it needs to go. the wanted. He makes another comment saying that he has net withdrawals and net deposits so he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Federal Reserve hikes rate by 50bps, FOMC signals rate hike to 5.1% next year

The US central bank’s Federal Open Market Committee held a meeting on Wednesday to raise the federal funds rate by 50 bps and 0.5 per cent if seen for three to four consecutive months in the manner listed during the past few months. Here we can see that the FOMC’s rate of increase closely follows the US inflation report which indicated that prices fell by 7% which was indeed below expectations. The chairman of the Federal Reserve definitely hints at raising interest rates and says he will take whatever steps he thinks are right to get inflation under control.

Recently Signed 2009 Bitcoin Block Reward Linked to Hal Finney’s Set of BTC Transactions

At the end of November, when a signature attached to a very old block mined by an unknown person was published on the bitcoin forum, a message and the signature associated with the reward were from the bitcoin address associated with the message block 1,018. The block reward was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and we find from the data that Keep Lock 1018 is associated with a large number of block rewards mined by Hal Finney and the signed block is also associated with the first bitcoin transaction, Which is obtained from block 9.

NFT Sales Jump 27% This Week, Cryptopunks Rise Above Bored Apps

The figures determine that NFT sales are up 27.72% over last week’s sales and that Bored Ape Yacht Club captures the collection’s week’s most sales. But on Wednesday, the floor value attached to Cryptopunks was once again BAEC NFTs jumped above the floor value associated with the collection. While four of the top five NFT goats all belonged to BAEC this week, BAEC NFTs once again see their lowest values below their Cryptopunks NFTs.

Biggest Movers: SOL hits 3-week high as ADA consolidates ahead of FOMC meeting

Solana hit the highest level of the week at this afternoon’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting, and then continued to rise, reaching the price range for the second day in a row, and Cardano mainly consolidated on Wednesday. Because prices fell again from higher. After a failed break out of 46.00 on the RSI indicator, price has definitely consolidated today and is currently tracking at 43.79.

SBF to stay in Bahamian jail for 2 months after report claims FTX executives had a secret chat channel called ‘Wirefraud’

The former CEO of FTX, SBF, appeared in court accompanied by his newly appointed lawyer, Mark Cohen, and his legal team, asking Bahamian Judge Joanne Ferguson-Pratt to release him on bail with his ankle bracelet attached to a long trial. It was told in detail that his parents also attended the proceedings and at the end of the hearing the judge rejected his plea to be released on bail and sent him to Bahamian jail till February 8, 2023 and in all this we It turns out that he has been convicted and put behind bars in a court hearing and certain charges have also been proved against him which include money-laundering and cheating.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Stay Ahead of Fed Rate Decision

Bitcoin trades near $18000 on Wednesday following the appearance of the latest US inflation report which has been made possible by a market rally and of course a 7.1% increase in consumer prices and expectations that the Federal Reserve will Will rise by 50 points and Ethereum was also higher today, and trading at its near 5 year high and we can say that Ethereum remains at 5 week level with prices in green for the 3rd consecutive session Is.

Russia Is Cracking Down On Crypto Miners Minting In Residential Areas

A top power ministry official points out that the guilty authorities are now prosecuting cryptocurrency miners for using electricity at cheaper rates for the population, and of course the power utility is tracking its increased consumption, which has forced them to commercialize. Trying to get paid at rates.


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