Report: Elon Musk’s payments vision for Twitter takes shape, small team tasked with building infrastructure

Twitter and Tesla chief Elon Musk are working to get the payment system back on track and at the same time looking to create a system for aggregating it to provide a wide range of services. According to sources told by the Financial Times, we can know that Elon Musk’s lieutenant Esther Crawford is working on the logistics and with this she has formed a small team. Elon Musk previously announced his intention to build a payment system and in mid-June 2022 the current Twitter owner worked on the integration of cryptocurrencies and clarified his position on his intention. Elon Musk elaborated during his first All Hands meeting that he thinks it makes sense to integrate payments into Twitter so that money can be transacted easily as well as through the best medium and fast transfers and aid us in our endeavor to implement whatever utility we see necessary internationally including fiat currency as well as crypto currency as stated by an employee.
Twitter is also seeking regulatory registration and state licenses, according to sources told by the FT on January 30, 2023, and Twitter has begun providing applications for financial licenses in several states, according to people familiar with the matter, and according to publication Allen Musk has appointed Crawford as CEO of Twitter Payments, and sources indicate that the payment system will initially handle or be seen as fiat currencies, and later work towards plans for cryptocurrencies. Will be able to do it.
It is worth noting here that before Elon Musk came to Twitter, former CEO Jack Dorsey also launched a beta crypto tipping service and NFT features in 2021. In November 2022, it was reported that Twitter has registered with the American Financial Management Network to process funds legally and during a Twitter Space audio post cast, he said that Twitter will be offered money market accounts and debit cards. We can see this while crying. However, it was reported by Lisa Ellis, senior equity analyst and payments specialist at MoffettNathanson LLC, that the firm faced a number of hurdles while building out the payments company, causing many to give up after the initial effort and many to take over. Companies experiment and then give up and later we can say that a whole process starts. They consider the investment and risk burdened with long gestation periods without the potential fines for issues and the need for continual licensed compliance infrastructure.


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