Robert Kiyosaki Says He Likes Bitcoin – Calling BTC ‘The People’s Money’

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad and noted Bitcoin investor, is back in the limelight on Wednesday with another new statement in which he definitely has gold, silver and bitcoin in the most important way. most emphatically addressed as “the hottest topic on the market today” and noting that real estate is no longer a hot topic, he states that US currency is definitely “counterfeit money”. . Famous author writes that he personally likes bitcoin and he calls it people’s money or money made by people and he says I don’t know much about bitcoin and neither do¬† I’m more familiar with it but I’m glad I bought it at 6:00 and that’s all I know now. Robert Kiyosaki has already said that he bought bitcoin for $9000 and he told in April which was April of 2021 that I bought bitcoin for $9000 and now I feel that I am being robbed but I Bought it for $9000 as covid-19 shut down the economy and of course they predicted at the time. The author recently stated that he is buying more bitcoin and last year explained why he invests in bitcoin or feels the need to do so and says he is a definite bitcoin investor. There is no trader that’s why whenever they see the price of bitcoin going down or whenever the price of bitcoin goes down they get excited and come to buy it and they stay in it for a long time. continue to invest. Robert Kiyosaki has been recommending gold and silver as well as bitcoin for quite some time, and last week discussed which of the three investments are faring better. According to the author he expects the Federal Reserve to pivot and print trillions of dollars so of course all investors will get rich and in addition he warned investors in the history of the world to be the biggest crash in history last September or before that. Urged to get into cryptocurrencies while also warning that the US Securities and Exchange Commission will bring down most of the cryptocurrencies through its policies and its strict regime. Meanwhile, the famous author said that “we are in a global recession,” and of course the probability of bankruptcy and unemployment and layoffs is high and it can be expected that this probability will increase in the coming times will go and at the same time will give problems to the people.


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