Spain’s premier football league, LaLiga, has announced that it will use blockchain technology to authenticate the ball used to score goals, becoming the first organization to implement such a system. And the institution has already partnered with third party company Gol-Ball to implement the system.

A system that could be used after the Qatar World Cup to track the ball used in each match and to differentiate and identify the ball used to score a goal Specially will be done and if it is not done before something will be done that every football will be mixed together and a new system will be developed with new technology and system and will be arranged to track the goal with digital civilization. Will go
LaLiga ambassador and former footballer Samuel Eto’o highlights the importance of this technique, saying that throughout his career as a footballer, he was usually given a ball after scoring a hat-trick but never with certainty. Were to say that we actually scored a goal and if we were somehow able to identify the center that scored the goal then our partners would also want all those techniques and express that the balls. The Spanish soccer league LaLiga will make full use of blockchain tech to authenticate goals scored and with the help of tracking we will be able to easily ultra-verify whether it was the ball we scored our goal through.
Premier Spanish soccer league LaLiga has once again announced a new system that will use blockchain technology to track Vedas and develop a system that will allow us to buy through official markets and waffles. Will be able to certify This system will be provided by Gol-Ball, a third-party company.
Spanish LaLiga will use blockchain system for soccer ball certification and Spain’s leading football writer said it will use blockchain technology to authenticate people and will be one of the best-trained organizations to do so.

In a press statement released on 1 December, LaLiga explains that these goal-scoring cards will be made fan-friendly by their importance for everyone to enjoy, as well as providing an opportunity for all fans to reveal them in January. This will also establish a secondary market for the ball which can be distributed to fans through raffles or paid participation, opening up new engagement and revenue avenues for the company.
It is a turning point and a meeting between the real world and the digital world in which fans feel more emotionally connected to their favorite clubs and people work to achieve their innovation when services are introduced in new ways In which Andres Rodríguez, CEO of Gol-Ball also announced that fans will be able to receive these in the form of digital representations, indicating the release of NFTs and the launch of an earlier NFT-based platform, expected to be launched in October. A moment to remember partnership with Dapper Labs for the release of the NFT platform, LaLiga Golzos.


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