Russia’s Yandex search engine adds cryptocurrencies to its converter

Users of Russia’s leading search engine, Yandex, can certainly find information on more than 140 popular cryptocurrencies in addition to data on national currencies of different countries. The company announced that cryptocurrency rates have been added to the latest version of its currency converter.
The widget, which features a price chart and a quick conversion tool, is located just above the search results, Russian news outlet reported on Yandex. The software recognizes standard keyboard and even slang or foul language here and there in the query. The price of coins and tokens of interest can be displayed in Russian Ruble, US Dollar, Euro and other fiat currencies and more will be added in the future as well as the option to view the price of a given digital asset in another cryptocurrency.
The report states that Yandex receives market data from Coin Gecko, one of the largest aggregation portals in the field of cryptocurrencies, and according to Russian search engine data, bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin and Solana will increase the number of search queries in 2022. The most popular cryptos by the numbers are Global online platforms that support similar functions but some of these are largely restricted to Russians. As reported by RBC Crypto, a feature allowing to monitor cryptocurrency prices was launched by Twitter in December last year but the social media platform is blocked in Russia. A special law on digital assets was enacted in Russia in January 2021 but the government is yet to properly regulate transactions with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. According to the statement of the official, it must happen in 2023.
A bill designed to legalize cryptocurrency mining was introduced in Russia’s parliament in November 2022 and the law aims to allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies mined on trading platforms abroad or under special legal regimes in Russia. Providing is to be regulated.


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