This is a story of Dr. Pragna Vedant, who is currently running a beauty institute in Mulund, Mumbai on the name of Dr. Pragna Vedant Hair & Beauty Academy. Today Dr.Pragna Vedant known as the one of the best beauty consultant in India.  To reach this milestone she gone through lots of hurdles & difficulties.

Dr.Pragna Vedant’s got married at the age of 16, after marriage she settled in Mumbai with her Husband. She always wanted to make career in beauty business, for that she had started a small salon in her single room apartment. With some salon services like threading, trimming along with it she started taking mehandi classes. Slowly  her  popularity increased, Still she wanted to explorer beauty industry, she joined a professional beauty course, after completing her course she had started her own salon.

Salon & House destroyed in the flood.

In year 2005, Dr.Pragna Vedant house & Salon was destroyed in Mumbai flood. Due to this shock he become paralyzed, with help of Physiotherapy she able to get up again. Her eye sight got damaged her left hand stop working, but still she didn’t lost her hope & established herself  as beauty consultant with the help of her family, friends. She started consulting women’s. Till now she has trained more than 35,000 women’s

But her hunt doesn’t end here. She has started a beauty Institute in Mulund, Mumbai & offering bunch of course in field of beauty. She takes training programs across India, to educate women’s. and try her level best to give women a platform to earn.

In her Institution she offers many courses like Panchakarma & body spa, Nail art, Skin Cosmetology,  International hair cut, and her all courses are affiliate  under ISO 2015, NITI aayog, NBTE, MSME


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