Several crypto exchange websites taken down in Kazakhstan

A group has been liquidated by the Financial Monitoring Agency (FMA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan in connection with illegal exchange of cryptocurrencies. Its members conducted business through a variety of websites such as,,,, and The watchdog said during a press release that six locations were searched in the Kostanay region as part of the operation, in which items incriminating the platform’s operators were seized, as well as laptops and cellphones of the employees. Flash memory sticks as well as banking and accounting documents were also taken into possession and various electronic items were also handed over along with it.
The authority alleges that the organizers of the online exchangers generated income “on a particularly large scale” from their business ventures without specifying the amount and also did not specify how many people were in the group or whether What was his identity? Investigators were able to further establish that he had two crypto wallets on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, with a combined balance of $6,000 in digital assets, as well as the Financial Monitoring Agency of Kazakhstan. It was noted that access to these wallets has been temporarily restricted. Coins worth more than $200,000 were found in the wallet of the exchange, and a pre-trial investigation is underway, according to the announcement, and the financial monitoring agency also reminded that such activities are allowed only in the capital Astana International. Provided as a special legal regime of the financial center or proposed under the same. The Kazakhstan government is taking necessary steps to regulate the country’s crypto market which continues to grow after the Middle asia nation became a bitcoin mining hotspot following China’s crackdown on the industries in 2021. Crypto companies were granted regulatory approval to legally operate the exchange platform and to link it to fiat tender and to serve as a responder to Kazakhstan’s financial exchange and custody services, and so on. Earlier this month it agreed to share information about crypto-related crime with criminals in Nursultan.


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