Shanghai Metaverse pilot launches digital services in 20 urban locations

Shanghai, the capital of China, is striving to integrate the lives of its citizens with the meta and the new world, and in this step, it is moving fast to collect or integrate this part. If we talk, the Shanghai Municipal Commissioner of Economy and Informatization recently announced a pilot program to transform 20 different urban locations into key metaverse application scenarios and will feature a variety of digital technologies. Surely in this program all kinds of means and possibilities of information technology will be developed which is necessary for the welfare of the masses in the coming times and at the same time will help people to get involved in more and more technology. The implementation of this technology will include business operations and education and other social areas like branding and entertainment and the city is expected to definitely provide an opportunity to the citizens to get better services from the city facilities and at the same time the citizens will know that Will find which technique is helpful in building their personality, from which angle and in what way. For example in the field of healthcare, Ruijin Hospital will set up a virtual reality based facility to observe patient rooms through metaverse representations and ensure action based on that. The Shanghai Eye and ENT Hospital in the same area has installed a Metaverse diagnostic system that will allow doctors to monitor and manage patients using 3D scanning. One of the biggest attractions that the facility has to offer is the Oriental Pearl Tower which is a landmark with a height of half a kilometre. Speaking of which, the tower, which is a common place for tourists, will provide the latest permission for users and participants to fly over Shanghai’s commercial area through virtual reality-enabled applications, and at the same time this Baat will ensure that all facilities are made available to the customers and in addition, the users should be able to avail signal services without any disturbance.
Guo Yifeng, general manager of Shanghai Tower, explains that he hopes this new focus can help the tower he recently built become more of a hub to attract more applicants. They hope that of course on the basis of this new Metaverse project, we can achieve the best visiting experience for the people and at the same time we can equip them with different types of technology and make their online marketing more accessible and accessible to all. can be made available.
In addition, Nanjing Road, another bustling part of the city, is launching an online market that will allow customers to make purchases using the digital yuan, China’s central bank digital currency. All these efforts, of course, are part of a plan the city tried out back in July last year, in which Shanghai announced a goal of building a $52 billion Metaverse Plaster by 2025 and outlined various goals. What the city would need to achieve. One of the objectives is to compulsorily add a digital component to a wide range of activities and sectors and at the same time ensure that the technology meets all the users on various parameters and at the same time the benefits of the technology go to each and every user. He can definitely understand how much the use of technology and its update is necessary for him and how much it is necessary for his development. If we talk, China is such a country which has always been ahead in adopting technology and according to this technology is such a thing that no country should hesitate to adopt and that is why there is crypto currency or other reason and there are many applications of blockchain. The services have already been adopted by China and it is now widely taking it forward and by adopting META, it wants to provide the best experience to its countrymen and visitors to take the country forward on the technological level.


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