MIME token Shiba Inu (SHIB) definitely recorded an increase of about 2.3% against the US Dollar on 19th December with a lot of speculation that it is on its way to layer2 Project Shiberium and L2 Project Shiberium on 24th June 2022. But it was definitely reported that at the same time it was supposed to launch by Q3 and it was said to be focused on the l2 scaling project and the developers behind it launched Shiberium during a private setting in the alpha test net. Was. It was also noted by the developers that the most difficult task in the development of this software was the creation of the wallet application other than which all the results were successful.
We can then see that on December 15th an image of an animated clock was tweeted by a team member, a Discord admin, named “Shibakraken” and a different type of animated image of the clock’s countdown was then tweeted on that day. Tweeted from and it is believed that these teases about the launch of L2 Project Shiberium and hint towards the same.

Can’t wait to see what happens when the clock stops ticking, a SHIB fan also retweeted in response to Shib Trofias’s tweet, and more have created a buzz over the possibility that Shiberium will launch soon. Will be done in which 1 proponent has said that tomorrow is a big day for them where Shiberium may come according to many people’s guess. Its possibilities and its size are being discussed and it is being told that it will be present with extra ordinary functions as usual. On December 17th, Shib updated the community with 1ft of Trophies saying their main website was much needed to be updated and their first step towards that is as they move towards launching a beta. Going forward and the whole website will not be launched like this but it will be launched in a phased manner and will continue to try and make it as good and cost effective as possible and hope everyone will enjoy it.
According to the posted countdown clock, there are 3 hours left in the countdown and the countdown was shared by the verified SHIB account (@shibtoken) on December 17. Where SHIB community is definitely trying to update its platform and information coming from it and definitely its effort is to make its platform more dynamic and progressive through creative means and for this it is trying And certainly his attempt can also be successful because according to the information received through him and from the source, it is known that Shib Token is definitely building an Embedded and Multi Specialty Platform which can be used in many ways. Will be full of features and will aim to connect users through better services and also test through launching whether this platform and this software will be user friendly and a successful effort to solve their queries Yes or No.


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