SpanWIZ strongly believes that blockchain is a shift from centralized to decentralized trust.
SpanWIZ understands how blockchain startups can leverage digital marketing. We have worked with almost every segment that is
applicable to blockchain, from a crypto currency exchange to a green energy solution to eGaming on a blockchain, and we offer our
clients a significant advantage through our knowledge, experience, and command of this cutting-edge technology.

What do we do? Through smart, tested, and high-value digital marketing strategies. Using blockchain technology, we’ll grow brand awareness,
help users adopt your company, build buzz, and help you establish your company as a blockchain innovator.
We emphasize creativity, communication, and point-of-view
While adhering to advertising rules, we have worked with some of the craziest and most innovative minds in blockchain and understand how challenging
and exciting it can be to generate buzz around your product or crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to our experience, strategy, and talent,
we are able to custom-create transformational marketing strategies for your brand using blockchain technology.
Whenever we make a decision, we have one shared goal: to help your company become an authority in the crypto and blockchain industry.

With SPANWIZ, your brand will be promoted in a way that’s memorable, meaningful, and worth every penny.
Smarter Blockchain Marketing with Growth Hacking
Blockchain companies looking for digital marketing solutions require an agency that knows how to maximize their marketing budget.

SpanWIZ’s online marketing team specializes in
Instagram IQ and Facebook IQ (Organic, Paid Ads, Cross Promotion or even viral marketing)
LinkedIn IQ (it allows you to build connections at the Tier I and II levels, and SPANWIZ knows how to build long-term relationships with reputed
partners in the blockchain industry).

PR, Google News Syndication, Apple News Syndication, Bing News Syndication podcast advertising, Youtube, and Telegram Marketing 3.0 to increase community support.
SEO and content marketing teams drive qualified traffic, while conversion rate optimization services entice visitors to convert.
Utilizing smart, innovative, and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, we promote your blockchain product, whether it’s a new cryptocurrency or a secure crypto technology you’ve developed.
We at SPANWIZ will walk you through the in’s and out’s of digital marketing for blockchain companies, providing you with real results and valuable information throughout the process.
Rather than measuring impressions and shares, we need to understand how your money works for you in a comprehensive, insightful, and robust way. To ensure every opportunity is realized and no penny is wasted, we will
focus on the data that matters to inform our every conversation and decision, constantly testing, tweaking and optimizing.
You must have some questions in your mind now, such as:

What makes us different from other blockchain marketing companies?
Are digital marketing strategies for blockchain companies different from those for traditional businesses?
Which are the best blockchain marketing channels?
For effective blockchain marketing, how much money should I budget each month?

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