According to Strike, a digital payments platform built on the bitcoin network, recently added to the platform, now enables instant and low-cost payments to citizens of Africa with a new feature that is sure to make payments globally. Where as currently this paid donation service is available for United States based users and this paid donation service is implemented for countries like Ghana and Kenya and Nigeria where we see that The digital payments firm said in a press release on December 6 that using the Lightning Network’s rails would have been one of the more expensive tasks to initially cover and set up any money in the country that has recently launched. The cost of sending money is the highest in the sub-Saharan Africa region and one of the highest globally, according to a brief by the World Bank in 2010. Wherein they say that to overcome this cost barrier as well as secure and fast transfer of money near the border they have launched an African contribution service called Strike and have decided to partner where Strike founder and The Chief Executive Officer, Jack Mollers spoke on the matter of this new facility and expressed that the high fees and slow construction process and lack of innovation and updates in cross border payments have made a negative impact in the world and certainly Many such people have been affected and their transactions have been completed due to a lot of problem. To prevent this and to reduce the inconvenience and for fast and voluntary transfer, we have launched this service through which users can explore new possibilities. will help and payment companies are struggling to operate in Africa and of course the service people are able to access for their family members and we can say that we one of the biggest problem that used to come in the transfer ready to deal Wherein he added that users wanting to send money to almost any of the 3 countries through Strike have ample opportunity to transfer money to any of the payee’s bank or mobile money accounts while using the service. Deposit money and get paid instantly. Where they say that we also have the opportunity to send US dollars across the border easily and quickly and paying one gets converted into the currency of the country concerned immediately and the money is credited to the recipient’s account that too very quickly. What’s more, faster and easier, and this is a revolutionary change within the payment system, where Strike continues to expand its payment services through cross-border integration with providers such as ChipS and through sponsorships, etc., according to the statement. Will keep and continue to provide its best services to the users, through this we will definitely be able to make a decision to adopt without stopping.


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