According to the report, Argentine famous footballer Lionel Messi, who rules the hearts of the world, has announced that he will play the role of investor and sponsor in the NFT game Sorare. After this historic step of his, NFT will really get a booster platform from which it can grow. Sorare hopes to improve the efficiency of its users with the help of Lionel Messi and set new standards and attitudes in this regard. However, the financial details of the deal have not yet been disclosed, meaning they have been kept a secret.
Lionel Messi who is one of the biggest soccer superstars and current player of PSG soccer club has now become an investor in NFT card play gaming Sorare. Their presence makes it clear that Sorare is deeply committed to developing the brand and improving the quality of the interactions it has with its users. This partnership has just opened up as the economic draft and transaction have not been brought to the world in detail. Messi’s historic move is indeed a proud moment for Sorare and at the same time a touchstone under which he has been successful as only Spanish footballer Gerard Pique had previously shown interest in it.
Based on this Messi deal, new experiences, new creative ideas and the latest technologies will be communicated, which is important for NFT development. Nicolas Julia, CEO and co-founder of Sorare said
We’re confident Messi will help us set new standards in doing just that, and he’ll soon be bringing and sharing with the world the latest news on new effects and plans, as well as the latest updates and the fan experience. He said he looks forward to sharing the information with the world.
Famous soccer player Kylian Mbappé and tennis player Serena Williams and other sports stars have already established similar partnerships with the brand. The platform raised $680 million in its Series B funding round in September 2021.

Worth noting here is that for Messi, coming across cryptocurrency and NFT related companies as an investor is not a new experience as the platform player is very open to linking its name and brand to other companies in the ecosystem . He was one of the first players to have part of his contract paid in cryptocurrency when he signed a deal with his current club, PSG, in August 2021. As part of the deal, Messi will receive his share of $30.
Indeed, this step of Leon Messi will be a very good opportunity for the development of Web 3.0 as well as for NFT and NFT marketplace to move forward. Where he will be able to feel his new experiences in a better way and will be able to make his platform stronger and more powerful by staying connected with the players and indeed then this partnership will be touching its new dimension and in future NFTs will be available to other players. Will help and appreciate them in connecting with gaming.


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