Superstar Leon Messi joins NFT game Sorare as investor and brand ambassador.

With Messi joining the game Sorare as an investor and brand Mishra, it can be expected that the company will improve the way users relate, setting new benchmarks. As part of this partnership, Messi has taken this lane- Took a stake in the company without disclosing the economic details behind the transaction. Before Messi, other Spanish football player Gerard Pique showed interest.

Russian IT Firms Lobby for Crypto Payments in Software Exports

Companies developing software for foreign customers are asking authorities to allow them to accept crypto payments. It is part of a package of measures to support IT exports by the industry body for executive power. Russian companies in the IT sector want to be allowed to accept crypto payments while working for customers. According to the roadmap prepared by the Federation of Russian Software Developers and Russoft, the proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media.

FTX halts ETH withdrawals for 2 hours, users complain of errors.

The US exchange firm noted that “trading on FTX US is considered to be paused in a few days,” but the company’s Ethereum wallet stopped processing transactions on Friday at 12:20 p.m. (ET). But users have been complaining about withdrawal issues since November 8th, 2022 and one person wrote that everyone is having difficulty withdrawing FTX USA BTC and getting an error show.

Bitcoin Price May Hit $10,000 Lows – Robert Kiyosaki

The world’s largest cryptocurrency was trading at $16,637, down 17.7% over the past week. Bitcoin is up 75.8% from its record high of $69,000 posted almost a year ago. Kiyosaki reminded on Twitter that he will use this selloff in crypto as an opportunity to stock up on bitcoin if it drops to $10,000-$12,000. Silver and bitcoin prices will go down.

White House, US Senators Call for Proper Crypto Oversight

After the crypto exchange FTX, members of the White House and US Senate Banking Committee want fair cryptocurrency regulation. According to Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre, of Cryptocurrency Oversight, he harms Americans on a daily basis, and it clearly monitors.
Due to the continuing turmoil of the cryptocurrency market, we must consider how cryptocurrencies are to be regulated and their role in our economy. US Senator Sherrod Brown said that the safety of consumers and the stability of US markets and the banking system is our main concern. While Senator Elizabeth Warren said crypto needs “more aggressive enforcement”.


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