Terraform Labs and CEO Do Kwon Charged by SEC in Multibillion-Dollar Crypto Fraud

Nine months after the collapse of the entire Terra blockchain ecosystem, the US Securities and Regulation Commission has indicted a Singaporean company called Terraform Labs Pte and its CEO, Doo Kwon. The Securities and Exchange Commission revealed Thursday that the firm and its CEO had syphoned off billions from venture capital husbands to create a set of unregistered securities and mirrored assets that doubled the value of US stocks and the government The complaint also mentions the now apparently defunct UST algorithmic stablecoin. The regulator insists that both the firm’s employee and CEO used and traded these securities to make a profit, and elaborates that Kwon “repeatedly claimed that he was trading in tokens will increase the price”. The complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission states that regarding the algorithmic stablecoin UST, Kwon “misled investors in this manner regarding the stability of UST, and this is not the first time Terraform Labs’ US Securities & Exchange Board has been sued.” There was a tussle with the Exchange Commission regulator as the Securities and Exchange Commission sought and took action against the company in 2021 over Mirror Protocol and its mirror stock assets.
In 2022, a New York judge ordered Terraform Labs to comply with all kinds of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. Now the Securities and Exchange Commission is charging Pharm and its CEO with violating the Act and the Exchange Act’s registration and allegation of fraud. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler says in a statement that our allegation is certainly in the context that “Terraform and Do Kwon failed completely in providing the public with complete and fair and truthful disclosure for a host of crypto-asset securities.” were failures, especially for Luna and Terra USD.”
The Chairman further states that we also establish the allegation that false and misleading allegations were resorted to in order to cause catastrophic loss to the investors and to create confidence and fool the investors certainly with them Cheated.
The US regulator’s charges against Terraform and Kwon follow Securities and Exchange Commission proceedings against Kraken and its staking services, and additionally the New York Department of Financial Services told Paxos it can no longer mine stablecoins and trade them. While in one respect the consumer also issues a notice. The Securities and Exchange Commission complaint filed against Kwon and Terraform was presented in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Do Kwon was last actively present on Twitter in the first week of February 2023.


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