The Best Rewards From the Most Popular Bitcoin Crypto Cards
The crypto space is full of benefits for us all, and that includes Bitcoin crypto cards. Just like your usual credit and debit cards, but packed with excellent benefits such as buying items and paying for service with BTC, and of course, exclusive rewards. Now you can use crypto in real life without having to purchase bitcoin and then sell it.

In this article, we are going to talk about the most popular Bitcoin crypto cards and the most important rewards that they offer. Let’s start!

What Bitcoin crypto cards offer rewards?
Almost all the crypto cards offer some sort of rewards, but the truth is that we are focusing on the best, so we’re going to talk about the card that offers the most and best rewards, Wirex Debit Card.

Why have we chosen this card? Because it offers a benefit that sets it apart from the rest: it earns you BTC. We feel that the majority of crypto cards stick to the same old benefits from normal credit/debit cards such as discounts and cashback, but since we are talking about crypto, they should offer crypto-centric benefits.

So let’s talk about the benefits of this debit card and how the rest of the industry should start offering the same.

What makes the Wirex Debit Card special?
The hardest part of using crypto for everyday transactions is the fact of selling it. When you start thinking about how much bitcoin could rise in the coming weeks/months, it really strikes so use the bitcoin calculator. And no other card has addressed this issue better than Wirex as of now.

Wirex brings you back 1.5% in BTC every time you use it to pay at shops, bars, transport, and restaurants. Just think about how much your BTC could rise in the future, especially if you use it during a bearish market where you can accumulate more BTC.

You can use it to make more money
You could use it this way: you can use it to buy things with BTC, but have the plan to instantly buy BTC back when you get home.

Let’s suppose that you spent approximately $100,000 from 2018 to 2020 when BTC was at a low price. You use it to pay for every single transaction in your family for restaurants, bars, transport and shops. You would have earned $1500 in BTC, and let’s suppose that the average price was $5000. It would have brought you 0.3 BTC, which would be worth approximately $15,900 USD.

Considering that the BTC run is likely not over, and that it could reach a price between $100,000 to $288,000 according to the experts, your BTC holdings could end up being worth anywhere from $30,000 to $86,400.

I know that it would be hard for most people to spend so much, but if you implemented this strategy, then you would have made plenty of BTC, just by using it and then buying BTC back.

Now, you can say that buying BTC comes at a premium, but thanks to Binance P2P, it’s easy to find vendors selling it at good prices in comparison to other options like Local Bitcoin.

All in all, it’s a unique crypto card that you can use to build a profitable strategy in the long run. As long as you play it smart and time to correctly during a bearish market, it can bring you excellent returns once the price starts to grow.

How to use it correctly?
Right now, it’s better to hold onto your Bitcoin. The bull run is not over as we said, and hence, your holdings can end up being worth a lot more. Therefore, our advice is to get this card but to use it for very specific situations instead of using it to increase your BTC position.

It all depends on your money management plan, and therefore, consider this strategy when the time comes. In the meanwhile, you can use it due to the other benefits that make it a good option:

  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • Over 150 currencies
  • 0% card fees
  • 100% free fiat to fiat exchange rate

These tools are powerful but only when you use them correctly. Therefore, it’d also be a good idea to also get good alternatives like Bitwala Debit Card and Cryptopay Debit Card to take advantage of other types of benefits in the meanwhile.

Now you know what’s the power behind a Bitcoin debit card and which one has the most potential of actually making you more money, even more money than what you spent.

If you would like to know more go to the Paybis page and read our FAQ. We are ready to answer your questions. Also, let us know what’s your favorite crypto card!


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