The millionaire formula – Dennis Loos reveals the top 2 secrets to generating your first million
Dennis Loos is a successful businessman who wants others to share in his success. The 29-year-old has already paved the way for a carefree and financially independent future. He already fulfilled one of his life’s dreams by moving to Dubai, where he lives today. Born in Bad Homburg, he started his first career as a semi-professional snowboarder in Austria after graduating from high school, where he had to earn his living with side jobs such as parcel or security services. In 2014, he finally switched to Coca-Cola and rose to the position of area manager.
By chance, Dennis then discovered direct sales for himself. This was extremely successful and he was able to gain his first, valuable experience there, which opened the way to network marketing. For more than five years, Dennis has taken part in the crypto business and by now is very successful on the market.Dennis Loos is a part-time speaker, coach and best-selling author. He coaches companies and individuals in the area of new customer acquisition. He is also an expert in network marketing and very successful at it. His motto is: Love it, change it or leave it.
But how do you manage to be constantly successful and generate enough sales? Dennis Loos would like to tell you more about this in the following guest article.
Dennis has achieved his greatest business successes with network marketing. What is so special about this business field? Well, network marketing basically allows anyone, completely independent of their level of academic education, to earn a lot of money and achieve financial freedom. At the same time, the risk is comparatively low and the sale of products in demand allows exponential profits. Furthermore, network marketing allows a life full of freedom, as a lot of money can be earned from anywhere and at any time. Also, it does not require a lot of effort to earn a high income.
That sounds good, but of course it doesn’t mean that the money will just come by itself. The be-all and end-all in network marketing, as in many other areas of (business) life, is the right mindset. For Dennis, two things are paramount to his own success:
“Set goals, be focused, allocate your time. Even on the side, it’s important to allocate blocks of time for networking in order to build your business. Do not compare yourself with others. Try to make one step forward every day. Just like you take small steps, you take bigger steps sometimes.“
A very important principle, of which Dennis can speak from his own experience, is as follows: DON’T LET SCHOOL DECIDE WHO YOU ARE!
“School makes people think they are smart, even though they are not.
School also makes people think they are stupid, even though they are not.“
In Germany in particular, however, many life courses are still heavily dependent on school and university education, as in turn is almost linearly related to parental income in most cases. Although elite universities in the U.S. are also absolutely unaffordable for most parents, it can be observed time and again in America that people make it to the top with pure assertiveness and focus on their own goals alone. Dennis Loos also took this path and established international networks very early on, from which he benefits greatly today. But you can’t leave it at that, you have to continue to expand this network. Dennis therefore also acts according to the following principle:
Dennis Loos realized early on that it is best to go your own way and that you need good networking to be successful. In doing so, you should keep in mind every day how great the progress you have made is. Comparing yourself to others – perhaps numerically even more successful – is not helpful here. Instead, you should always measure your own progress and never give up.


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