PornRocket is the first adult platform to provide effective copyright protection for content creators, address privacy concerns of users, and abolish hefty fees for sharing content.

As so much of today’s sexual exploration takes place online, a new cryptocurrency token is developing a decentralised adult content sharing application, tackling safety issues faced by adult entertainment sites.

Combining the likes of Pornhub and OnlyFans onto a secure blockchain, PornRocket provides effective copyright protection for content creators, address privacy concerns of users, and abolish hefty fees for sharing content.

Rather than cash, the platform accepts payments in its native currency $PORNROCKET, allowing consumers to explore privately, with full anonymity.

Content creators will also have full protection thanks to NFTs, meaning they know exactly who is viewing their assets, increasing their online safety.

Alongside this, creators can post and monetize unlimited content with no fees or limitations, allowing them to be in full control of their assets. This is already attracting stars from other online platforms, which take a 20 to 40% cut of their income.

Pornhub and OnlyFans star Abella Danger recently revealed a partnership with PornRocket, whilst Nicole Aniston is also supporting the new platform.

To accelerate rapid growth, it was announced earlier this week that PornRocket is set to acquire, an established company specializing in blockchain-related payments systems for the adult industry.

As part of the acquisition, Reuben Coppa, the CEO and Founder of, will be joining Porn Rocket as a strategic advisor.

He said: “ was founded in 2017 based on a solid business proposition and years of experience in the crypto and adult industries. We built a functional product, on-boarded dozens of partners, and grew a strong presence globally.

“Since’s founding, the crypto ecosystem has matured significantly, and the barriers to consumer adoption are now much lower thanks to more advanced crypto-wallets and decentralized exchanges. Now more than ever, it is high time to disrupt the adult industry with crypto.

“It’s incredibly exciting to continue this journey together with Porn Rocket and to be a part of the incredible momentum, support, and community that they have created.”

The new application is set to officially go live by the end of 2021, featuring an innovative NFT marketplace whilst allowing creators to auction off custom images, videos, and audio clips to the highest bidder.

Live testing of the app was carried out with over 150 fans last week, and more sneak previews will be released in the coming weeks.

With holders and creators dubbing this as the ‘new Onlyfans’, it is thought that the platform will reach a £1billion market cap within the next eight weeks, as the adult industry makes way for revolutionary new concept which is already making huge waves.

A spokesperson from the PornRocket legal team said: “Given the sensitive nature of the adult industry, PornRocket proposes a unique hybrid model: a decentralized blockchain technical solution combined with institutional safeguards that guarantee copyrights for creators, data safety for users and compliance with regulatory requirements.

“In line with disruptive innovation in sectors such as retail banking, film streaming and the hospitality sector, our goal is to revolutionise the way that adult content is marketed and consumed.

“Leveraging on an innovative blockchain solution, we aim to abolish hefty fees currently charged by the oligopoly of institutional players (PornHub, OnlyFans), provide effective copyright protection for content creators, and address privacy concerns of users of and ensure global access of adult content.”

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Fair Launch –1 Quadrillion $PORNROCKET tokens were launched.

50% Initial Burn – Immediately after launch, we completed an initial burn of 500 Trillion $PORNROCKET tokens, 50% of the total supply.

5% – Redistribution – 5% of every transaction (Buy/Sell/Transfer) is split fairly between all the holders, respective of the weight they hold, allowing everyone to earn passively.

5% – Auto Liquidity – 5% of every transaction (Buy/Sell/Transfer) is automatically directed to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, locked for 2 years.


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