Coin Legions is a mythological game on Binance Smart Chain that lets you earn crypto with a play to earn system. In the Kolb galaxy, players need to create powerful legions from warriors and beasts in order to hunt the deadliest monsters on Nicah.

Only the strongest legions will be able to defeat the most dangerous monsters and gather vast quantities of $BLOODSTONE. In order to create, survive, and strengthen any legion, this precious resource is required.


Crypto Legions is the first Play-to-Earn NFT game with a revolutionary Omni-Balanced Oracle™ sustainability system. The Omni-Balanced Oracle™ is called Nadodo and always watches over fair gameplays for all players. 


As part of Crypto Legions, participants can create and develop valuable, player-owned NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard, which can be easily traded on their in-game marketplace or transferred via the blockchain. The objective is for these assets to generate a reliable and consistent passive income stream for the players. To understand Crypto Legions, one must recognize that the process of ‘minting’ is called ‘summoning.’


In addition, Crypto Legions aims to become the best means of sustainable and lucrative income for its users while providing them with an engaging and immersive gaming experience.  


Crypto Legions has taken several very serious measures to protect itself from exploits and hacks, including:


  • In case of emergencies, Crypto Legions is still able to move rewards to a new wallet/contract without renunciating the Reward Pool
  • Crypto Legions prepared a system for moving the Liquidity Pool in case of an emergency
  • To keep the code for minting / summoning from becoming accessible to the public, Crypto Legions hid it from the public Crypto Legions didn’t renounce the game smart contracts, so they can be updated with new features and/or security updates
  • Before the launch of these smart contracts, Crypto Legions partnered with CertiK to test them for exploits/issues
  • Crypto Legions cannot list publicly all of these precautions to prevent exploits or hackers knowing about Crypto Legions security policies. Many of these precautions have been recommended by Crypto Legions members.


Players will be able to create and train fierce legions, which they will be able to use to slay the most dangerous monsters on the planet Nicah. People can profit from the Crypto Legions ecosystem in many ways. Three main courses are:

  • Summoning and trading valuable NFT assets.
  • Using legions to hunt the monsters of Nicah.
  • Trading the $BLOODSTONE token.


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