Telegram, one of the most popular messaging services within the cryptocurrency community, has released a new update to its application. The messenger now allows users to have an account without a cell phone number link, raising the level of privacy to a higher level. And according to a sense a new era of privacy is starting and people will come up with new arrangements to keep their privacy secure where of course Telegram team reminded that your phone number on Telegram Never been visible to strangers while allowing users to control who can see their number and who is not allowed to see their number and allow others to find them but from now on they have a One will not be required to set up a new account, instead they will be able to login using -powered numbers and act anonymously, where branches will be available on the promise and will Toncoin can be bought with these and will certainly be a cryptocurrency used on the decentralized network designed by Telegram where it was launched in late October as a block-to-auction platform and allows users to name is also selling. We can say that this new feature of Telegram which enhances the security is definitely a favorite feature for the users under which they will be able to develop their security under a new result and of course . They will be able to login using the ID where they will not need to provide a separate account and their privacy will be safely in their hands. We can say that this new feature introduced by Telegram is very cool where we know that Telegram is a messaging app where we are unable to message like WhatsApp and that message can be shared through our group or go to a contact where we can upload many types of PDF files and images as well as videos etc. we can upload quite a lot of MB and this is an important feature of Telegram which is expertly designed by its developers Under which users are able to message easily and it was the only messaging app which had gained a lot of popularity among the people as soon as it arrived and had made people used to it, through which today we can say Telegram is available in every phone and apart from this, we can definitely say that this new feature of Telegram which it introduces from time to time is very good for the people and people are very happy with it. Stay and be able to take your privacy level up to 1 up level. Definitely we must say that this feature of the company is awesome and the company will really attract its users through this feature.


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