KPMG, one of the Big Four firms in the consulting and auditing business, is appointing a new Head of Metaverse Futures in Alice Hsu, who will lead Metaverse Futures from designing, updating and implementing the latest business models. and will be dedicated to working for and improving technologies such as . All these tasks are being done very well by other four companies while KPMG wants to execute this business model with new updates in its business model.
If we talk about KPMG, then according to its statement, metaverse technology is attracting many big institutions and companies and based on the future of this technology, how the services will be displayed and how they will function and how they will work. Research is going on in such a way that it will attract users towards itself, that is, work is going on. If we talk about KPMG, one of the biggest companies in the auditing business, the reason behind appointing a new head is that with his help, we can go deeper into the business model and bring out the latest developments for ourselves. Can get opportunities or generate them. While the position will be occupied by the new Head (Alice Sue) who has been described above, his main background is in the service of software engineering and the related industry where he has worked. In addition, he has been instrumental in founding two Web3-related startups: Transhuman Coin and FutureDAO, and has made the sector proud through his services. He is responsible or in-charge to attract towards the development of this new area which will survey the needs of the customers based on their views, their needs, their opinions, their reviews and their overall interest and work progress based on Metaverse technology. Will bring
Sue adds that we are still in the early stages of this type of service and are investigating the technical demands and applications of the business. According to him, how to mark the market to find new cases or new revenue for your business, how to move towards your goal and how to move your business forward by bringing new technologies into operation The work is going on to get complete guidance in this context and the search is on for subject matter experts who will lead them to that point so that they can complete their entire work as soon as possible by getting market advantage and metaverse. develop more and more.
As Sue is set to become the first head of Metaverse Futures, the company is already mulling over the reasons for its division. According to James Mabott, Head of Futures, KPMG, the company is seeing an increase in the number of people asking when it comes to customers and the use of web technology throughout the process, meaning that interaction is expected to drive new business growth and models. Full possibilities of technical improvement are being expressed. , KPMG is optimistic about the future of Metaverse Tech and the amount of revenue it will generate from offering these services in the future.
He says more that my objective is to make KPMG a multi-million-dollar business by 2025 and grow its technology model. He’s yet to discover what the exact figures mean and what they mean for the overall model, but he wants to establish that timeline as building a sustainable business.
As noted, the other Big Four companies have already jumped on the Metaverse bandwagon and on October 26, Ernst & Young announced it was introducing Metaverse functionality to its Wavespace Group utility app, giving customers something new to do in the Metaverse. Will get to learn and get the latest opportunities.


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