With the growth of online gaming, it’s only natural that the metaverse has helped bring forward tokens that help power virtual worlds of one kind or another.

As interest grows, gamers and investors alike are looking for the biggest and most interesting top metaverse coins to invest in. But with dozens to choose from, it’s not easy to choose which are the top metaverse coins to buy.

What is a metaverse?

The metaverse is a fairly straightforward idea and one that has been around for decades. The premise is that, at some point in the future, all humans will interact in a virtual world through their own avatars.
The concept has been around for a while, with the virtual reality (VR) boom in the early 1990s being a key driver.

What does that have to do with cryptocurrency?

Many virtual worlds at present are powered by . Having a token that is associated with the metaverse can give participants in the metaverse the power to help govern the space. Also, in many metaverses, there is the option to buy digital products, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), using metaverse tokens.

What is Bliss Token? Why would you invest in bliss?

BLISS Token is an essential part of the GLOBAL DIGITAL CITY platform, and GDC are working on establishing key mechanics that make it intrinsically tied to The GDC platform and its value. BLISS is a GDCC-20 utility token built on the GDCC . It serves as the basis for transactions within GLOBAL DIGITAL CITY and has the following uses: Players spend BLISS to play games, buy equipment, or customize their character–and can potentially collect BLISS Token through gameplay. Creators spend BLISS to acquire ASSETS, LANDS, and through Staking. LAND Sales drive demand for BLISS to purchase LANDS. Artists spend BLISS to upload ASSETS to the Marketplace and buy Gems for defining Rarity and Scarcity.


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