There is a huge boost in the Virtual world after the involvement of Blockchain technology systems. Its security measures and transparency in transactions grab everyone’s attention, such that it enhances the interest of investors in cryptocurrencies. Because of the conviction of blockchain technology, numerous platforms launch their digital tokens, coins, and virtual programs based on their blockchain system.

But the most eye-grabbing platform in recent years is Global Digital Technology Token. The GDTT’s global goal is to bring positive change to Tech business, the economy, and society. Digital GDTT exchange of secured and unsecured virtual assets, formalized by local legislation. The Exchange hosts and trades assets of Tech startups and Tech projects in the token.

But recently, GDTT launched its Airdrop Contest 2.0, Under which they offer tokens to the wallets of current cryptocurrency traders, for contesting in the Contest. The ultimate goal of a GDTT Airdrop 2.0 is to promote awareness and circulation of its token globally.
One can join the contest from the 20th of October. On every entry, the participant will get 0.001 amount of GDTT Token, which will be transferred to his wallet on 31st October. However, this GDTT Airdrop contest isn’t predominantly about making the recipient spend money but rather raising awareness for new projects and services offered by GDTT.
GDTT is currently working on different projects, consisting of Eduoze, Techturning, Techexpo2024, and Techhunt2025. Even it includes a GDTT metaverse program that will bring a revolutionary change in the world of virtual technology to the next generation in near future.
One can visit their Airdrop contest at:-


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