There is always something new in the tech markets from all over the world. But recently there are some fresh concepts or technologies, that pop up surprisingly at a huge level. Public attention is grabbing towards Cryptocurrencies, NFT’s and digital world facilities. But there always be a hindrance in investors’ minds, related to its security and privacy functioning areas.
But blockchain technology resolves these all issues. It’s a system that stores pieces of information in form of blocks in databases called chains. It basically worked on the principle of Digital Signature. Because of that, it excluded the middle barriers, such that it enhances the user’s transparency, especially in investing areas. Though, the popularity of Virtual currency has exploded in the last few years, and investors acquiring a conviction towards the system, because of Blockchain technology.
But there is always something new, that gears up the digital movements across the world. This time it’s GDCC Blockchain or Global Digital Cluster Coin blockchain system. It is a peer-to-peer network that allows users to conduct transactions directly to the one they want with high transparency.
GDCC blockchain is a new-age protocol that feeds to the Web3.0 services. People can build their Decentralized applications which work on blockchain or P2P network of devices. Even one can serve as a Hub for digital assets, global payments, and applications.
And the quite interesting point is that this protocol is open to all, i.e; anyone in the world who has an internet facility can access the system anytime from anywhere. As no particular institution or individual controls GDCC, there is a negligible chance to restrict or interrupt in process of user’s payments, transactions, or using any chain service.
The fresh news is that the GDCC blockchain just achieved its first milestone. Since they start their service of transactions and blocks, they now reach 1 million Wallet Addresses globally which means they have more than 1 million wallet holders on their platform, which are making transactions globally through their GDCC Blockchain service.
There is a facile reason for this, which rely on the impactful projects or programs GDCC blockchain is offering to their users. It included a Hopium GDCC’s decentralized exchange, which provides direct custody of funds to its users. Investors can trade on cryptos without any hassle, though the protocol maintains by the community.
Even they have the world’s first and largest NFT Marketplace called Muzella, where one can list their own NFT’s for sale and can browse existing listings.
They also expand their service in the Virtual reality field. GDCC blockchain is going to open a Global Digital city in Metaverse, which enhances the virtual reality concepts of the future and contributes to the Metaverse world of the next generation. In GDC world one can make their avatar, experience 3d gameplay, connect with a huge network globally, and much more.
But it all inclined on Bliss Token. It’s a GDCC-20 utility token, which act as a transaction entity in GDC world. People can buy land through it, play games, enjoy in resorts, casino, even earn bliss tokens through gameplay. One can connect with people globally through the integration of land ownership, gaming and NFTs, by Bliss token facility in GDC Metaverse.
After achieving its new milestone of 1 million Wallet holders, GDCC gets a new boost up and it will target the further next milestone of 5 Million users on its platform in future.
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