The world is always advancing toward new technologies, including artificial intelligence tech, future gadgets, digital services, and particularly a concept called virtual reality. But, as soon as virtual reality introduced, there is a new term called Metaverse is on the boost.
Through virtual cities, where individuals may play games and make money using various metaverse services, many platforms and technologies start their exploration of the metaverse.
A platform called GDCC Blockchain and Bliss Token grabs everyone’s attention towards its services. Where Bliss token is a crucial component of GDC (Global Digital City), under the GDCC ecosystem. Through one can purchase goods, play games, market their artwork, create an avatar, interact with a big worldwide network of people, and so on.
But they also begin a Win Meta Land contest, where some lucky participants may win free Metaverse Land worth $1500 and Bliss Tokens. And recently they concluded their first Win Meta Land contest successfully, where 25 lucky winners achieve a free piece of meta land in the GDC world and 330 fortunate winners got 50 Bliss Tokens each.
More than 3000 contestants participated in the contest, from which such lucky winners are chosen. But this is not the end, there are 2 more contests in the queue. And on 15th October, the second contest of Win Meta Land started. People can begin their participation again through this contest. It’s all free to participate in the contest.
Though, now people are more desired or attracted to the contest just because of the successful hosting of the first one. GDCC is globally expanding its capabilities, through its contribution to new technologies and the vision of a well-established Virtual World in Metaverse.
They have more Metaverse Contest in their queue, consisting- Airdrop contest, NFT contest, Crypto contest, Blockchain contest, and Gaming Contest.
One can Join the second Win Meta Land contest through its official website- .
People keep signing up for the Contest to enter the Global Digital City of Metaverse’s virtual reality experience.


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