We are continuously evolving towards new technologies, futuristic devices, advanced services, and especially involving Artificial Intelligence in our daily life. But overall of it, security measure is the key point of everything. In the world of digital currencies and online payment gateways, privacy and security are the core thing to be maintained.

But, after the involvement of Blockchain technology in the system, privacy issues are somewhere decoded. It acts as a Digital Ledger for the network because it stores the transactional records in form of ‘blocks’ in several databases called ‘chain’ in a network connected through peer-to-peer nodes, which makes it highly secure.

Blockchain technology is capable of supporting various industries, like finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and so on. But recently it expands its popularity in the crypto world. Investors, taking quite an interest in cryptocurrencies due to the secure environment of Blockchain technology.

Recently, a new platform grab everyone’s attention through its blockchain summit event. A Blockchains summit presented by GDCC Blockchain concluded on 10 September, which grab around 43,000 people from more than 80 countries globally. This event features numerous topics and services including Cryptocurrency Liquidity, NFT, Blockchain ecosystem, etc. But the Metaverse programme of GDCC Blockchain grabs everyone’s eyes towards it globally.

Its metaverse programme GDC world and metaverse partner Bliss token announced a Win Meta Land contest globally, which will run for 3 months and will offer a free piece of land in Metaverse to the contestants. Though they are not limited to land, they even offer free bliss tokens to the participants.

Bliss token is an essential part of GDC and acts as a transaction entity in Global Digital City, where people play games, buy equipment, sell their artworks, design their avatars, and connect with a huge network of people globally.

Mainly, they are not just offering a virtual world experience to their participants, even giving them a golden opportunity to acquire free land in the metaverse, on which people can build their buildings, play areas, and anything they want.

“By winning this contest 75 Winners every month Will Get A Chance To Win Free Land On Bliss token-backed Metaverse Global Digital City. Also, 1000 contestants will get free 50 bliss tokens every month”

The present contest is already in the game and will end on 15th October, but no worries, because they have a contest every month. So if you didn’t join the contest now, then you still have a chance. Winners of free meta land will gain access to their land in Global Digital city from 15th December.

They have more Metaverse Contest in their queue, consisting- “Airdrop contest, NFT contest, Crypto contest, Blockchain contest, and Gaming Contest”

Anyone can join the Win Meta Land contest on their official website- www.winmetaland.com .
People are consistently enrolling in the contest, for experiencing the world of virtual reality, in the Global Digital City of Metaverse.


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