US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), chairman of the Senate Banking and Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, said in an interview that he has very limited views about cryptocurrencies and that he is a very deep-seated person about it. They say that other departments and regulatory agencies of all kinds, including the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, must come together and be ready immediately for any actions related to the crypto market. According to him he mentions sec and CFTC and says he wants them to do what they need to do while banning it is very difficult as it will not come in any system again and who knows what and for what reason can work and what can be its meaning and what can be its limits.
Where last week, the Senate Banking, and other committees held hearings on the collapse of cryptocurrency exchanges, today they took their stand on all of its parameters. Even the Housing Finance Services Committee started a separate hearing process on FTX a day ago. Certainly the US committee and many other institutions have given their views on the regulation method and according to them what is its importance and what are its needs and how much it is needed in the present era and of course we have to Understand that different committees have been able to reach this through their views, of course, the main reason for this was the arrest of former FTX CEO SBF, who was found guilty and sentenced in an illegal case and Bahamian He has been kept in jail. Of course when you execute conspiracies like money laundering with someone and hurt a person or community and leave financially it is a very difficult subject for you to be able to escape from that and that’s why crypto farms and the US government Proving regulatory issues and fraud charges against him, the US is seeking his extradition. Certainly, as a result of all these incidents, the global regulator has been discussed, under which we find that due to which type of incidents, many types of departments want to exchange crypto.
senator brown on crypto regulation the senator from ohio also says on sunday that the crypto currency market is a complex market where there is no sure guarantee of your money and the issue of all of them was much bigger than ftx so of course we are right We want to do and we are working for this.

Brown elaborates and says he is a seasoned veteran with over 8 years of experience serving as Chairman of the Urban Affairs Committee on Housing and Banking and has tried to educate and educate his colleagues. Played a vital role in informing the public about crypto currency and the dangers it presents to the security system as a nation and consumers accordingly and get duped by them. Last week another senator said in his hearing that initially he explained that the result of crypto exchange is not right to ban crypto but he has punishment to stop it before his colleagues can address it and says that If we tried to stop it in this way, the technology would simply go offshore. We can say that everyone has their own different opinion on the exchange of crypto currency and everyone keeps their views on it through their different means where some are in favour while some are against it, some through We understand they don’t see crypto as a burden and don’t blame the collapse of global FTX while some certainly think that if we control technology and crypto it will be coastless Will go and then we will not be able to handle it. The US lawmaker certainly says that the collapse of FTX teaches us an important lesson on how to regulate cryptocurrencies. Certainly according to them when we learn lessons from such incidents then only we will definitely be able to control facilities like crypto and other types of statements are also in their favour where some statements believe that any technology Controlling or getting in his way is by no means a sign of good and positive things which is downright wrong.


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