The broader cryptocurrency market started the weekend with a slight dip after BTC failed to hold the $47K level it created on Saturday. However, some altcoins are still registering massive gains that place them closer to reclaiming their all-time highs.

WAVES is trading at $24.99 at the time of writing after a 19.8% gain in 24 hours.

WAVES Price Analysis


The token is currently on a massive uptrend where we could see it making massive gains that will lead to incredible gains. If this uptrend continues, we will see the token move to retest the $28 level. The coin had tried to break past this level in the past 24 hours, but this uptrend was resisted.

Despite the loss of market support after BTC’s recent dip, WAVES’ buying support remains strong, attributed to the double-digit gains made in the past day. If market support also kicks in, we could see the coin heading towards $30 and beyond, which will be edger the coin closer to reclaiming its all-time high of $43.

On the other hand, the uptrend could fail, and the trend could reverse, where we could see WAVES dipping to lower levels of around $21. Such a dip could be attributed to a price correction because of the spike in prices in the past few days.

The coin runs on a blockchain, allowing users to develop their custom coins. According to the firm’s website, the blockchain aims to advance technology and make it available for future developers. If there is increased adoption of the Waves blockchain, we could experience an increasing value in prices.

On the other hand, we could also experience an increased value in the token prices because of the recent publication from Bloomberg stating that lawmakers in the US had stated that the only firms that would be subject to taxation were those that fit in the description of a “broker.”

Where to Buy WAVES

If you want to buy WAVES, you can do so on the following platforms:

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The other platform where you can also buy WAVES is Binance. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. Its trading fees are also low.

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