Exzie as brand name has been for a while. The name first came to popularity in 2015 as an e-commerce platform. Today Exzie is a platform that is taking the NFT ideology to a level that has not been thought above by other players in the industry. On Exzie, content owners give interested participants the opportunity of having a part of their copyright via leasehold. Through what Exzie calls a Content Lease Offering, people can crowdfund and co-own the lease to a copyright.

Exzie as a company protects the interest of her investors and consumers notwithstanding how little their capital is. Exzie is one platform that gives high-traction content creators the chance to apply for funding and it is still one platform that enables the leasing of copyright for high-traction content to entertainment executives who are also investors for a period and at an agreed sum.

A coin must have a price and be tradable on an exchange for it to have value. Exzie has not yet been listed but the team will be releasing an official statement about the listing the coin in the coming days. Holders of Exzie are holding onto it because they know it will be very valuable once it gets listed. Outlined below are what holders can do with their funds.

  1. Holders can trade with the coin on a credible exchange platform when it gets listed.
  2. As an Exzieholder, you get to hold on to your coin for a longer term for future appreciation. Research has it that most times the longer termed investment or trading yields better profit.
  3. A holder can use funds/coins in paying for services on the platform (an option that will go live when the coin gets listed).
  4. Holders of Exzie can transfer the crypto to others as gifts or even as means of payment. All they require the BSC
    (Binance Smart Chain) address of the receiver
  5. Once listed, holders can use the coin to pay for services and goods on platforms where it is accepted.

Be a part of this project by getting some Exzies during Initial Exchange Offering, as the project has what it takes to hit the ground running quickly in terms of appreciation, once listed. Join the Exzie community for more updates.



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