Zogi Labs, a leading gifts company and gaming studio, is best known for Bezos Token and its upcoming crypto-based MMORPG. The Legends of Bezogia announced today a partnership with Cronos and of course Zogi Labs, the sixth of a batch of grants to the Cronos ecosystem, with the signing of a full Memorandum of Agreement between Cronos and Zogi Labs Zogi Labs and Cronos products will provide a future path to its products as well as a strategic partnership between which Zogi Labs and Cronos products come and certainly after signing this partnership, the end users There will be in-person interactions to mutually enable each other’s products and systems to benefit from, as well as further partnership with the Cronos Chain new ZOGI token. There have been more opportunities and we are starting the process of creating those officers. Steven Murray, CEO, Zogi Labs, says that they are very excited to welcome their flagship MMORPG, The Legends of Bezogia, to Chronos and a key pillar of the ecosystem that we know as the Games Chronos ecosystem, and that they Looking forward to supporting Jogi Labs to bring users from both the gaming fields into the database.

The Cronos and Zogi Labs ecosystem is perfect to work hand-in-hand and thanks to Cronos’ tools for crypto play and multiple DApps, working with Cronos in the future will definitely benefit both and New technologies will develop and, working closely with Kronos, Zogi Labs will be able to fully utilize the VVS Finance DEX, which will lead to increased liquidity and future token launches on this platform, at a loss to holders. Will not happen and will be allowed to do business with very low gas charges. This will create more and more opportunities.

ZOGI launched on December 9th on VVS Finance powered by Cronos and according to their partnership users can definitely trade Zogi and MBLK in the future and both communities can expect cross chain collaboration including integration and item sales and includes publicly launched user activity and rewards and gifts and is a bright way to integrate Crypto Pay and other crypto services and the future of Kronos is working with Jogi Labs in advanced will emerge as major forces at the global level and provide an opportunity to give new dimension and innovation to the industry. Zogi Labs looks forward to working closely with Crypto to drive the growth and boundaries of creativity and functionality in the world of Crypto in 2022 and beyond.
Certainly this partnership will allow both the companies to develop and work in the industry in new technology and develop new dimensions. We can say that through this partnership many types of technologies will be developed in which new alliances will be made And the boundaries of the new ecosystem will be set and with this users will definitely be encouraged to take advantage of transactions and other special services. Here we can say that these services will work well for both the platforms and with this an era of innovative business and partnership will begin. We can say that creativity and practicality so that all boundaries will be removed and a better strategy will allow users to develop new dimensions and use them.


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