Bitcoin price has remained stable during the last seven days, expressed with a jump from $16,150 to $16,995 per unit and in the $17K region while the last 4 days the bitcoin price is lower than the beginning of November and hundreds of old bitcoins is in trend. Currently bitcoin is also regulated rate and 348 BTC declared worth approximately US$5.8 million where controlled by an owner “17HxA”, and was an address created March 29, 2017 that spent 48.88 bitcoin on 765,168 and collaborated Five more transactions that were one of the posts were made in late March 2017 where each transaction spent 59.99 bitcoins at block heights 765,169 , 765,184 , 765,185 , 765,187 , and 765,190 and the same day blockchain parsers reported on June 14, Spent 173.61 BTC from inactive addresses created on 2017, and spent 100 bitcoins via positions created on April 12, 2014 and 100 bitcoins were on a passive positions where each bitcoin was worth $500 per coin at the same time for about 9 years was less than the unit.
After old spends, a card transaction on April 26, 2013 almost 10 years ago beat all spends from November 29 and the transaction happened on December 2, 2022 and wallet “1EaAv” spent 600 so-called ‘sleeping bitcoins’. 600 BTC was worth about $84,000 on April 26, 2013, and the coins that were spent at block height 765,644 put the current bitcoin virtual coin usage above $10 million, and according to data from November 29 onwards, all The spends made via bitcoin have been dormant for 5 to 9 years and all of them were worth less than $800k in absolute value when made from the original addresses. Using those exchange rates today, the 1,221.45 BTC stemming from the ‘Sleeping Bitcoin’ addresses is equivalent to approximately $20 million. Where old holders are taking bitcoins and sitting idle for 5 to 9 years while the current bitcoin price is at its highest value.


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