In an interview with Insider published on Sunday, Kevin O’Leary shared how he tried to save the cryptocurrency exchange before it collapsed and how he has a sizeable investment in the company. Mr. Wonderful says that he is interested in holding a stake in the crypto exchange and has spoken to investors about the subject several times where he explains that the Sovereign Wealth Fund tried to hold $8 billion to save FTX and that He was invited to discuss investment where he told that they had a short talk and they were very logical where he talked a lot about 6 billion to 8 billion but on the sources of interest to him and their results. But it was not in sufficient detail to go back and confirm their numbers. Mr. Wonderful says that the former CEO said yes during his call that he would like to work hard on the regulatory situation and that as reports came out, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Justice Commission and other global regulators were closing in on FTX, and Bacha immediately retracted the offer and Camino Lahiri said he had reached out to all interested parties when he messaged himself and told them this was no longer an option. Yet Mr. Wonderful says that if a sovereign wealth fund or Other buyers would have put in roughly $4 billion so investors would have had more confidence to keep their assets in FTX and in fact the debate around the world was that you could buy it for $32 billion and $4 billion and put your The asset transfer has been handled by Mixer Wonderful and they point out that Canada is the only country that offers fully brokered Wheeler Exchange accounts and they are confident that the Canadian regulatory environment will find all of those accounts. that cannot be added . Commenting on rattling trust after FTX in the crypto sector, he says that with all the allegations being thrown around, he has no qualms about saying that it’s a difficult situation and when there will be a mountain of lawsuits and former CEO O’Leary says he hasn’t met a more brilliant mind when it comes to crypto and blockchain than he knows, and is probably one of the most successful crypto traders in the world. That’s why he is highly impressed by him and appreciates him in all his activities and that he will make a better traders performance.
Last week, the Shark Tank star said that he is ready to support the former CEO again if he has another venture where he angered the crypto industry because some people believe that the former FTX CEO is a fraud. He was involved in law and has engaged in a number of fraudulent activities.
Like other FTX investors, O’Leary is writing off all of his FTX investments, including the company from the Singapore government team and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund, and he says he’s writing them all down to zero, but it’s unclear whether. It can┬ábe┬árecovered.


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