Where more and more countries are seeing here that there is a possibility of improvement in some of the functions of blockchain technology and there can be improvement in their efficiency and functioning, which seems to have a strong potential, Argentina has recently introduced its own blockchain technology. Guidelines have been issued which have been issued at the national level and it seems that blockchain regulations are being made.
The document that was presented on December 7 is also created by the National Blockchain Committee and is tasked with negotiating blockchain technology as a function in the local block selection ecosystem promoting interoperability of a good government. While the committee will be constituted publicly by the Innovation Secretariat and other organizations in the state to consider and develop block selection based public policies and technology solutions. Although all these organizations that have been asked to be part of the committee are not as detailed as the framework released and certainly do not reflect the expansion process, the framework released by the government supports a wide range of uses. Performs and presents them where blockchain technology can be of assistance in the state specific work. And certainly given the large size and scope in some government structure the first area that profiling is put to use is auditing. In blockchain such elements are proposed where we see two functions being accomplished in this regard where the first is to assist citizens in how public money is being invested by states and to use one structure for all Types of public processes are being done centrally. And the second area is related to citizen identification where the Argentine state believes that we can use blockchain technology to protect IDs and other documents issued by the authorities from fraudsters. where we can certainly organize a system around the blockchain that will provide third parties with a simple means of verifying the validity of these documents and initiatives are being taken using blockchain for this purpose and Buenos The city of Ayres currently implements a new system called Tangoid and is expected to be operational in January for the digitization process and for regulatory purposes to better understand the inner workings of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ethereum. will be used as nodes.


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