Bitcoin (BTC) saw a height in today’s successful week and definitely crossed the mark above $17000 and we can say that it kept climbing because of the heights and kept investing in the pockets of the investors.
Bitcoin rose to an earlier day high of $17,274.60 after a certain level of $16,788.78 on Thursday and the move helped bitcoin to cross its resistance level and clear all hurdles seen at $17,200 and in the process Reaching the 5 day high in 2016 was much easier if we look at the chart of bitcoin we find that it has retraced from the earlier highs as the bullish momentum faded immediately after the breakout and At the time of writing, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is now tracking at 50.93, which is just slightly below the 52.00 range while the index should continue to rise and the next target could possibly be the $17,600 point. Highs reached where recent losses were pared and in less than 24 hours after trading at a low of $1,227.50 during Thursday’s session, Ethereum soared to a shaker level of $1,286.23 on Friday and recovered from the move. Pulsar Roop coin crossed a key influential level of $1305 which was established on Monday. It is holding up to the highest point and currently it seems that Ethereum is aiming to move further above the $1,300 mark while the RSI is on the way to a ceiling and the index is 5215 which is a resistance. The point has also been there and has targeted the $1300 level and will need to clear this hurdle for the first time to send the price.


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