On Thursday, December 8th, 2022, a blog post shared via Coinbase suggested that all users move to a reliable and stable currency – USD Coin (USDC). Where as now convert Tether (USDT) to USDC with zero fee.” This blog post of the company is read authoritatively so we find out that customers can own Tether to UST coin with zero fee and Certainly the events of the past few weeks have shaken the efforts of the crypto industry and rightly so. Coinbase’s blog post noted that the events of the past few weeks have put some stocks to the test and certainly Security is important and companies recognize that USD coin becomes a reliable and thus switch needs to be made more frictionless and starting today they will definitely convert USDT to USDC for global retail customers. Completely waiving the conversion fee, thus giving users the ability to swipe up with great guidance and understanding, giving crypto proponents the impression that Blockpost was indirectly questioning Tether’s stablecoin. Which was part of today’s market Ba se sabse sar mudra hai aur bang bang,” The Twitter account known as Autism Capital gives several answers in this topic and says through its tweet that many crypto supporters are totally taken aback by this absurd statement from Coinbase. disagrees, and strategy consultant Gabor Gurbacs said chances are high that people will choose USDT. Gurbacs said that “Tether was the world’s first stablecoin that has been trusted by millions of people since its inception and in fact if you ask people outside of one group in the US they would pick USDC differently.”
The Twitter account known as the Byzantine General wrote that it’s not a good look and is definitely desperate and that they have less confidence in USDC, while the operators of decentralized finance platform Karma Finance found the same humorous tidbit, according to In fact often go backwards and are more like where the auto-conversion from USDC to trading events at Binance and Wazirx follow recent statements. Furthermore, the market valuation of USDC has declined significantly in the last few months, reaching a high of over USD 56 billion nominal in June 2022.

Today, the USDC market cap is down 23.57% to $42.80 billion. While Tether’s market cap shrank substantially and fell from US$83 billion to US$65.86 billion. And its market cap reached a high of $83 billion in April, now it is down 20.65% as on December 9, 2022.


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