Under this article, where the general economy of bitcoin and other crypto currencies has been discussed and their arrangement has been done keeping in mind all their market caps and it has been seen who has increased and decreased more. Exactly one year ago in November 2021, the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) ranked eighth among the myriad companies operating around the world and was the eighth largest, according to all the data collected at that time as of November 2021. goes on and the data shows that the market valuation of bitcoin was $1.289 trillion while each unit traded at over $68000 and on the same day bitcoin was less than the market valuation of metal silver which was on 9 November 2021 was $1.380 trillion. The $1.167 trillion market cap of the leading crypto asset Tesla was just above this valuation which was 395 days 10 days ago and additionally Ethereum has positions in the top 20 of the assets in the market capitalization ranking in which Ethereum has gained 15% on 9 November 2021. Received under the largest market cap. At the same time, Ethereum’s market valuation was around $570.45 billion as Ether was exchanging at $4,839 per unit and its market cap was lower than Tencent which stood at $587 billion. Apart from this, the valuation of another major crypto exchange JP Morgan was above this which was $ 499.61 billion 395 days ago.

But today, December 9th, 2022, the valuation of the top two major crypto assets BTC and ETH is much lower than a year ago where the market capitalization of bitcoin is not even represented in the top 10 standings of banked assets and certainly from within 30 positions and is now down to 26. BTC’s market cap of $331.76 billion is less than Chevron’s market cap of about $335.56 billion today and, if we talk about it, bitcoin’s market capitalization is just a fraction of Home Depot’s market cap as of Nov. 9.
is $330.30 billion. Ethereum has moved down significantly from the 15th largest position as it stands at the 72nd position with a market capitalization of around $155.25 billion. Ether’s market cap is less than that of United Parcel Service at $155.36 billion, and it is just above the valuation of Adobe ($154.61B).

The current market cap of Ethereum is 73.7% lower than it was 395 days ago on Nov 9, 2021 but bitcoin and ethereum see a decline in market cap over the last year and of course this decline has increased and in the last 12 months Gold is overvalued as compared to assets and its market cap was around $11.605 trillion and today it is worth $11.910 trillion.

Where Microsoft was the biggest asset holder of the year but now it is in third place as its valuation has dropped from $2.53 trillion to $1.844 trillion as of today’s market cap. Google or Alphabet had a market cap of around $1.98 trillion and was at the fifth position 395 days ago on November 9, 2021, and it declined to $1.213 trillion on December 9, 2022. Silver moved from seventh to fifth position in the top ten list, but the market capitalization of the precious metal still fell from $1.38 trillion to today’s $1.316┬átrillion.


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