Authorities in Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus take down crypto scam networks

On Thursday, Europol announced that through its collaboration with Eurojust, call centres selling counterfeit cryptocurrency have been shut down by authorities in Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus and Germany. Europol explains that the criminal network operated by the call centre purportedly solicits and induces victims to invest large amounts of money in counterfeit cryptocurrency schemes by presenting them with various offers and inducements to invest.
The suspects were found guilty of using advertisements to lure people to a website operated by criminals and with what they believed to be extravagant investment offers in cryptocurrencies being offered by the criminals and targeted accordingly. But definitely get the audience’s interest.
If we talk about it, 15 people have been arrested in connection with the case while 261 people have been questioned and 22 places including 4 call centres have been searched. Authorities also seized approximately $1 million in cryptocurrency and 50,000 euros in cash and three vehicles, as well as hardware wallets for backing up electronic equipment and a variety of documents and data. If we talk about the victims, mainly from Germany, were initially ready to invest small sums and were told by the EU law enforcement agency that fake price hikes allegedly offered investors lucrative profit opportunities and at the same time they were lured by various offers and then made to transfer high amounts of money. Current estimates put the financial damage caused or lost to German victims at over 2 million Euros. Europol further reveals that there are many people in other countries including Switzerland, Australia and Canada who have been affected by this type of fraud as well as have been harmed by this scamming. If talked about, the direct target of the criminals was to fool people and offer them high rates through advertisements and at the same time incite them to make their investment and get trapped and get the highest to the highest investment. Targeted for and along with that a complete planning was done and of course this planning was done on this basis so that any electronic items and hardware could be supplied as and when required and hence the entire call centre could be organised and formally presented. If said to be, the main work of these call centres is definitely to cheat the customers and make them greedy towards various kinds of investment schemes and at the same time they are responsible for extorting money from them and harming them financially.


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