Ethereum validator count surpasses 500,000 ahead of upcoming Shanghai hard fork

According to statistics, the number of Ethereum network validators on the Beacon chain has reached 500000 as of January 12. This difference is on display as Ethereum Core developers prepare for the Shanghai hard fork. 5 days ago the developers launched a developer network called “DevNet 2” for the upcoming upgrade.

Authorities in Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus take down crypto scam networks

Cryptocurrency scam networks have been shut down by authorities in Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Cyprus. In detail, Europol states, the entities used advertisements to lure people to a website secretly operated by crime that offered investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies. The criminals used advertising and other types of content through this covertly operated website and the current estimated financial loss to German victims is more than 2 million Euros.

Binance Launches Off-Exchange Settlement Solution ‘Binance Mirror’ for Institutional Clients

Today’s popular and largest crypto exchange, Binance has been in the news through an announcement that its business has launched an off exchange solution for institutional clients with a qualified cold storage wallet for institutional crypto. Lock the amount as specified and the asset will be reflected in their exchange account with a 1:1 balance.

Cornell Professor Warns of Disruption to US Bond Markets from Possible Collapse of Major Stablecoin

A professor at Karnal University has warned about the possible effects of the collapse of a major stable currency on the US bond market, and Professor Ishwar Prasad said that the amount of Treasury bonds needed to be sold if they were to face a major downturn. The numbers can affect the Amet market which in turn affects the prices. He further stated that even a large amount of weather in the market tomorrow could create turmoil in the securities market and according to him the regulators are concerned if the financial system in the United States is important if the securities market is important.

Fast Token, Fastex’s Official Crypto, Will Be Launched To The Public On January 18th

Developed by technology giant SoftConstruct, FAST Token is the official cryptocurrency in the Fastex ecosystem and a native token of the FASTEX chain. Fastex is a regulated virtual currency exchange and currency wallet operator in Europe, having passed two audits by third party auditors. In addition, the company recently opened its first physical NFT shop in Dubai.


Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest banks, launches tokenized credit note in blockchain pilot

Bradesco, one of Brazil’s largest banks, has entered the world of cryptocurrencies by issuing its first tokenized credit note. The operation, carried out in partnership with Volta OTC, has tokenized approximately $2 million in bank credit notes that were also distributed by the largest bank, Bradesco, and the directors state that they will use their ecosystem and innovation to leverage blockchain technology. But I want to know about the millions happening on the market and test them so that they can provide new experiences to the customers.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate After Recent Highs

Bitcoin consolidated on January 16 as US markets were closed for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday. Then post November we see that traders have recently stepped in to protect profits and move on after the world’s largest cryptocurrency reached $21000 for the first time. Ethereum also retreated from recent highs in today’s session.

Onchain Researchers Discover $63M in Ethereum From Harmony Bridge Attack Move, Hackers Attempt Money Laundering on Major Exchanges

According to Onchain researchers, the funds raised during the Harmony Bridge attack were transferred and the thieves who are believed to be linked to the North Korean hacking syndicate Lazarus Group are believed to have stolen funds worth up to $63.2 million at current exchange rates. 41000 were transferred to Helium.

Biggest movers: SOL, SHIB remain near multi-month highs despite market consolidation

The week’s trading was started by Solana on the 2nd month of May as the momentum remained marginally higher despite market strength. If we look at the global market cap data, we get that it is currently trading higher by 0.98%. The Shiba Inu has also certainly recovered from recent highs and is doing well, despite Monday’s decline.

Defunct Crypto Hedge Fund Three Arrows Capital Founders Seek $25 Million Amid New Exchange Launching Probe

The founders of crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) are seeking $25 million from investors to launch a new crypto exchange called GTX, and along with this solicitation for new capital comes three Arrows Capital co-founder Sue It is published after Zhu and Kyle Davis took to the social media platform Twitter.

SHIB Token Sees Surge Ahead of Shiberium Beta Launch

The Shiba Inu sees gains against the US Dollar during the last 7 days as supporters of the coin anticipate the beta launching of scalping solution Shiberium. The developers detailed on January 15 that an L2 platform, “Shiberium Beta”, on top of the Ethereum blockchain is about to be launched for better scalability and faster transactions and to reduce fees.


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